Supported controllers

Is there a published list of controllers MFS supports out of the box. I’ve given up trying to set up my Sidewinder Precision 2. The sim recognizes it, but I can’t do anything with it. I’ve about given up trying to set it up and am thinking of getting a new one, but only if I can plug and play.

About half way down this page:

Nyx… Thanks. That is exactly what I needed.
I took the list and spent a few hours shopping on line retailers… Seems joysticks are sold out just about everywhere. The only place I could find that was taking orders was Dell. Logitech Extreme 3d Pro…with delivery in mid-January! I’m on a wait list with Best Buy.
I’ll try setting up my Microsoft Sidewinder a few more times, but I’ve had no luck so far. I am not a Happy Camper.
Microsoft should add support for their hardware in the next update.

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Any luck with key-binding?

None at all. I’m a geezer, not a gamer, so some things that would be easy for a 12 year old may not be easy for me. I’ll keep plugging, but sooner or later it’s back to P3D for me.

Lol, yeah… me too, mate. This video might help you out if the stick is seen. Should take you about 10 minutes to bind your keys…

The sidewinder is like 20 years old. Supporting it is unreasonable.

It’s like asking Nintendo to support the original nes controller