Suppose MSFS 2020 is good value when you see this

Add On

As the title says . Already got great weather effects in game . Only sinks in when you see the price of add ons , to bring other sims / games up to the same level .


Just wait a couple more months. We will have addons priced 50 bucks and more.
P3D has many good things this game doesn’t have, and the oposite is also true. It always depends on the POV.

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Not just weather. The scenery too. The quality of freeware like the Istanbul scenery is phenomenal. Those sceneries are $30 each on P3D because they are more difficult to build than on msfs.

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I actually consider active sky one of the better addons for P3D, definitely worth the price of admission.
Though I am total agreement with you regarding the endless money pit that P3D can be. For that I am thankful this sim exists now.

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You have to pay for your hobbies.

AS is worth the money in P3D. I used it in every flight.

Yesterday I finally uninstalled P3D because two simulators would need more time I have. I really do hope we would have good weather add on for MSFS and I am willing to pay for it.

Not really as MSFS 202 wont have helicopters until 2022 now so I bought this on the basis that helicopters would be delivered with some priority so I would not have installed MSFS had I known this, even if it was for free. It depends on your point of view really so I don’t share your value judgement.

MS/Asobo helicopters maybe 2022. I guess freeware and payware developers will figure it out way sooner.