Sure looks like a Memory leak

I guess this is just one more to add to the list of all the previously reported “Memory leaks”, but this one is easily demonstrated, so here goes.

It became very obvious on my current Trans Atlantic flight in the C172 at Mach 2.5

Hold on … bear with me !!! (got your interest though – Mach 2,5 in a C(oncord) 172

Set the sim to x16 and flew the C172 from USA to UK.

Monitoring the memory use, now in x16 time, one could clearly see the memory use increasing, the CPU thread time increasing, and the FPS dropping.

I realize this is an ARTIFICIAL mode to be running the sim in, but it does speed up the leakage, so it becomes very obvious.

SO effectively, its a 24 hour flight in about 1.5 hours.

While very few run the sim for 24 hours +, it does show the leakage,

I Have 32 GB of ram, if I only had 16, I would have run out of memory about 4-5 hours of flying in Real time.

Just approaching the Irish Coastline, and my memory usage is up to 24G out of 32G.

Will resume this post when I land, and I suspect I will not see that memory recovered.

I wonder where it is ??? Lost somewhere over the Atlantic ??
Its not like over the Atlantic, it was being used up collecting "SCENERY’ !!!

Well, did not make it to he UK… PC locked up, LNM had a fit first, and all I could do with the locked screen is to log out…

Maybe try again another day without LNM running, but it was the MSFS developer’s FPS tool, that was reporting MSFS high memory usage…

Tip: If you want to try this, when AP is on, you can only increase sim rate to x4.
Trick is to turn AP OFF, increase sim rate to x16 or higher, and then turn AP back on.
AP will drop sim rate down to x16, but that is much better than the minimal increase to x4 you can get with AP on.

Its worth reporting that as a bug isnt it?

Maybe … I typically start off trying to have a discussion, and make sure it could be a bug, by getting other’s Input, before crying WOLF, and overloading Zen Desk with incorrect Bug Reports.

If others come here, discuss this, and report the same , as the OP, I can move it to the BUG Report area of the forum.

I can see a report like this , with sim rate x16, getting discarded to the Backlog so easily :frowning:


The logic makes sense though, simrate x16, pc can’t render each frame so loads it into memory, the sim will bog down and frames will drop substantially, I would avoid running sim multipliers, just my two cents though, could very well be a bug.

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If you try it at 8X and 4X and the memory leak just slows accordingly but is still there, you know you have a bug.

But when one goes back to x1, that memory should get released,
Whatever is causing a continual increase in consumed memory, that is never getting re;eased, is, by definition, a Memory Leak.

using the X16 just makes it happen quicker, so it is more visible as a leak, and not a temporary use of memory.

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Yes, I got a significant leak at x16 over 1.5 hours … at x1 that same leakage might take take a full 24 hours !!

Then i’d say report it, if it’s not being released at 1X then you have a memory leak.

Lets see if anyone else can reproduce it … could be MY hardware, a bad memory module etc etc… (do not have a spare set to try !!! )

Could it be scenery data that is never released until it’s necessary ? I would say x16 is perhaps too fast. I would try again at x2 over 8 hours.

Could be a lot of things – but there are tools that should be able to determine whats is in memory, and who it belongs to, and what it is …

Memory leaks are common, especially when you are “Churning out masses of code” with limited _____________________________ (Fill in the blank)

well, it should be “programmed as Necessary”, if you stop flying, and re-spawn on the other side of the planet :stuck_out_tongue:

Also one must make sure that there are no add-ons as they can be the culprits.

I know, I know I am a software developer by trade.

Yes, many things … it it was “easy”, it would have been found & resolves back in 2020 !!!

lol I was just thinking of asking you that very question … (for obvious reasons).

Well, then you know all about “memory leaks”, “null pointers”, “exception handing” and the like :wink:

Please Zendesk it so they can try it and fix the issue.

What if you turn off bing data?

And when you returned to the main menu, did the memory get released?

Yes of course :slight_smile:

Have a long hop going in the 747 after reading this. Normal sim speed, it’s been going for about 7 hours now. Here’s the screen shot, so far the memory has been very stable.