Surface Wind

Using live weather I frequently get big variations in wind on the world map when selecting airports versus actual wind on the runway. Ideas?

Your plane’s instruments won’t measure wind on the ground.

Understood, thanks. But just yesterday, and similar to many times previous, I selected a departure airport showing wind at 280 degrees on the world map so departing runway 30. All good, right. Then at the end of 30, ready to take off, windsock is straight out across the runway from left and pdf wind indicator on G1000 shows wind at 210, fifteen knots. So, wind indicated at world map is not the same as surface wind at that airport. Suspect I am doing something wrong. Glad to be corrected.

Na, they broke something on the last update. I thought I’d fly into the new Barra airport to see what the last update changed it to. Using real world weather and getting a metar externally it showed a good stiff southerly wind of about 170/40. ATC suggested runway 11 and on approach I did indeed have my nose pointed significantly into the southerly wind but when the wind sock came into view it was flowing strongly into the wind! Every other airport I now take off from and plan my departure based on the metar but ATC allocates the opposite runway. It is like ATC and the wind sock is adding 180 degrees to the wind direction! Com’on Asobo, it worked before you broke it!