Surface winds

Has anyone experienced high surface winds on live weather? I find it rarely goes above 10 knots. Also when I do encounter high winds aloft it doesn’t seem to have much of an affect on the aircraft, even light GA. I was expecting to be kicked around but even gusting above 30 it’s all pretty sedate

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Try St John’s International Airport (ICAO: CYYT)

Absolutely! I’m using an app that puts me on a 1 mile final at random airports all over the world. Some of the winds are intense!

Having said that, it is always easy to land, regardless of the winds. It’s basically an XBOX game, and even the best of simulators aren’t very good at replicating landings.

That’s a real shame. I wish the winds had a more dramatic effect on the airplane to make landing more of a challenge.

Yep had a few approaches in the C172 that bumbed me around due to winds, downdraft and turbulence

Try land the Shock Ultra (or one of the other bush planes) off-runway (river banks, etc) at 25 knot final approach speed. That’s about as challenging as it gets in difficult wind conditions.

Yes, since the recent update the surface winds have been pretty accurate during my flights - especially climbing around mountain turbulence (not fun…).

Is that live weather?

It is. I’m checking random airports all over the world, and comparing them to They’re not always exact, but in my experience they tend to be pretty close.

If someone can find a place where the surface winds are over 20 knots, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Multiple bugs reports out about low surface winds.

14 is the highest I’ve experienced

Just got the Shock Ultra to hover at PADK. Not too sure what the winds are, but possibly ~20 kts.

How high were you? I can find areas to hover too, but not anything lower than 100’

I landed with 2 kts GS. Just tried it again. Landing going backwards, but touchdown speed was about 16 KIAS. So perhaps the surface winds never exceed 20 KIAS.

I think the whole flight and weather model has been dumbed down to attract newbies. It would be nice to be able to select real-world weather and aerodynamics. Maybe one day…

You can change the source in to Meteroblue which is the source provider to MSFS. I found it aligns pretty closely for the first flight.

Different sources have slight differences (18 vs 21 for current time)

Hmmm… I don’t see that. I only have NAM, ECMWF, and GFS.

Hmm that’s interesting.

I first selected wind layer and then found a random spot to see the detail.

Got it. You have to pick a spot on the map first. Thanks!