Surprise! The RTX4090 turns out to be a power saver…

Today I upgraded from an Asus Stryx 3090 OC to an Asus TUF 4090 OC. Of course, I was very curious about the performance of the new card with my Varjo Aero.

As I had hoped, the performance of the 4090 is absolutely outstanding. I can now run the Aero at it’s highest setting (39 ppd), with most MSFS settings mid to high. Stunning performance, total clarity, no stutters! I’m absolutely blown away by the new image quality and smoothness!
Important note: I am using a new beta version of Varjo Base, because the regular version is not yet compatible with the 4090 cards.

But the real surprise was power consumption. I use an Asus Thor power supply, which displays in real time on an on-board display how much energy the system currently consumes. With my 3090, with MSFS running my system always drew between 530 and 600 Watts. With the 4090 installed, my system now uses 450 - 500 Watts while running the sim - clearly less than before!

I have no explanation for this, but that’s what the Thor PSU display shows… go figure!


Sounds amazing! I have a TUF 3080 and probably want a TUF 4090,though I’ve heard a lot of them have nasty coil whine. How is yours sounding?

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With the engines running (speakers and subwoofer) and ATC shouting in my ear (headphones) I do not hear any coil whining.

But I must admit my hearing is not what it used to be. Maybe its particularly that whining frequency I don’t hear so well anymore (a blessing in disguise :slight_smile: )

See what its like when a cpu comes out powerful to push it properly :rofl::rofl::rofl: Right now it’s laughing at current cpu’s saying is that all you’ve got? :rofl:

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…you might be on to something here!

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Mid to High?
That seems… you know, low?

What’s the difference with that 39ppd?
I don’t own an Aero, but it’s always good to learn, just in case.

Funny about the power consumption, right? In all the reviews of games I’ve seen, the 4090 is consuming less power every time.
And here we were, ready to pay the big bucks for the newest power supply, ha!

This is good news.

Well, I think it’s like a car getting an extra gear → fewer rpm (GPU usage % lower) :smiley:

May I chip in here as i’ve seen this, it’s extremely sharp and defined.

Hey thanks!
I guess talking about ppi, that’s the point.
But my question was more like, what is the impact in terms of resolution or…
as to have to settle for Mid to High settings ‘only’.

Trying to compare for a possible upgrade, but the reason I’m asking is because as of today, I’m around 42 fps, all Ultra, LOD 250, DLSS Quality, OpenXR 120%.
3080ti, 12900k, Reverb G2.

I think a 4090 ‘should’ run all Ultra? Otherwise, what’s the point? Minimum 3000€ in Spain at the moment.


Ppd = pixels per degree. It is also the maximum native resolution the Aero is capable of.
39 is somewhere close to what the human eye is able to distinguish. So yes, the result is breathtaking sharpness - in case of the Aero across (almost) the complete FOV.

Yesterday I flew from Gibraltar to Alicante in the Kingair, at 14.000 feet. Looking out of the window I could make out individual trees in olive plantations (small dots for each tree, no more, but I had never seen that kind of detail before)

Valid point.

I fly in VR only, so the system has to “feed” 2 (almost) 4K displays. I really want clarity, so I stay with TAA (instead of DLSS), and I want a fluid experience. I think that maxing out all settings will even bring the 4090 to its knees.

I do of course have some settings on Ultra - like, what matters the most to me: 3D clounds, waves for example.

Anyways, I could not be happier. The flight experience I have now is a dream come true. And I’m not even on the last CPU, but with a two year old I-9 10900K.

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…that sucks!
I was among the lucky few who got a card on the first day. Took me a while, and many failed attempts to make it from shopping cart to checkout… but it worked in the end!

From my experience, a 850 - 1.000 Watts PSU should do the trick. It is important to check if your existing PSU has enough PCIe 8-pin connectors. The 4090 requires 4!

Have you seen the photos of melted 4090 cables?

Yes I have.
I took care not to bend the cables of the 1-4 connector too much. For the first flight I left the case open and touched the connector on the card, and it was not even warm.

Anyways, I plan to get the Cablemod 90 Degrees adapter, or better still (if that comes out) a ready-made cable with the 12+4 Pin on one side and four 8-pin PCIe connectors on the other…

about 6 people on reddit have reported this (of course there will be some who have it who haven’t been on reddit posting about it). i wonder how many 10s of 1000s of 4090’s were sold? (mine is fine).

Agreed, I am LOVING my Asus TUF OC 4090. It’s way less hot than my 3080 Ti was. Also got the ATX 3.0 PSU so I am not worried about the crazy adapter burning up.

For the power consumption I’m not too surprised, it mean NVidia didn’t lied about this point when they explained this about the RTX4090 before release.

That’s good to have your confirmation :slight_smile:

For a funny reference, my RTX3070 is undervolted and overclocked, so don’t go upper 200W, thanks to setting 95% power on MSI Afterburner, and I have more perfs than stock. On heavy bench GPU is 78° at max and Hotspot don’t reach 85°.

I know they also improved temps on RTX4090 and that’s good.

Edit: I just don’t like the size of this beast. Possibly a smaller water cooled one, one day…

not all 4090`s. Mine has 3

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Yeah, but were they running the full 600watts and overclocking as well. My 4090 does`nt even get more than slightly warm at the connector.