Swift in VR

Has anybody had any success in importing swift (or VPilot) to VR. Opening in WMR doesn’t seem to work for me. It says it’s starting but nothing happens.
Just bought ovrTools but haven got that to work yet FS2020 and steamVR and ovrTools just don’t seem to be able to get on together.
Without getting VATSIM into the cockpit FS2020 is of little use to me. Lifting the headset to look at what’s going on on VATSIM is difficult and a total immersion destroyer when flying VFR.

I’m using a HP Reverb G2.

I use Rafael’s VR panels in MSFS and this one in particular is helpful to see ATC frequencies in my area:



Can’t see ATC frequencies on the screen shots on the web site.

They are availabe by pressing the ATC banner while zooming in on an area of interest. Really helps me for remembering which ground, Tower or DEP frequency I was given by ATC.

I’ve done it by using OVR tools which seems pretty good. I can interact with Swift, even the radar range drop down works.

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