Switched to steam version from Windows store version missing purchcased

Im guessing im hosed due to the switch, but is there a way to take purchases on the windows store version (IE: scenery and plane addons like the m20r carenado) over to the steam copy?

Im not seeing those marked as purchased on the steam side.

Thanks in advance

I dint think so. Why use steam anyway? I use store version. Notice any differences?

Because every time there is a Sim update I lose hours struggling with forced and often botched Microsoft windows updates.

By using the steam version I can avoid this.

Nope :wink: e.g. you can’t play without gaming services :wink:


its the same in both versions, the update process, except for the lil first part.
you still need xbox live services too.
also this proves its maybe better to not buy via the ingame store.

hadnt realized that part on gaming services,

Perhaps then there is a way to only update the gaming services app itself while keeping the general windows updates disabled (i thought i read it might be possible but cant find the post)

If you disable wuauserv service (windows update) you can’t update gaming services via ms store app.

but …
You can try trick with metered connection :wink:

Interesting thing so far on my machine, i removed gaming services, confirmed gone. Opened steam, ran MSFS20, so far everything looks like its working without it.

Good to know, thx.

Well, it could be that updates wont run without it, unsure (external in steam). Would need to test this somehow. In sim content does download and install fine though.

EDIT: running the windows store version without gs still worked too, odd

I found a way around windows updates (you can still check for updates but if you dont they wont be forced), while allowing the store to function for updates:

GPEDIT.msc then go to
Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Internet Communication Management/Internet Communication settings

(**Turn off access to all Windows Update features = Enabled)