Switching between VR / Monitor does only work once --> OpenXR Error

…And you are sure, you have “Use latest preview” enabled in Dev-Tools? Otherwise this is not the Problem we all here have. When “using latest preview” ist disabled, I can switch back and forth as well… Please verify.

After SimUpdate6 I can´t even enable the “latest preview” it crashes when I switch to VR with this enabled. Any thoughts?

After SimUpdate6 I can enable using the latest preview but if you exit VR mode in the sim the sim just crashes to desktop. Its very annoying since its been months since SimUpdate4 released with this problem and Asobo claims they worked on VR stability for this new patch.

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Yes, I think we mean the same - So even more Broken after the update…

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Hi, no changes here. After SU6 I can switch with prewiev version but only once. No CTD, but switch 2D-VR-2D only once. No problems in 2D after switch back (tested only 15 Minutes).
With stable 107.2109 no problems, I can switch back and forth. So I use stable until patched.

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