Switching from VR to Monitor View results in FPS breakdown

When I switch from VR to monitor view, my FPS goes down to below 10FPS. Switching back to VR mode does not recover the frame rate, the only solution is to restart the sim.

Using a Quest 2 with Oculus Link.

I kill the WMR window - that gets the framerate back to normal.


Yeah same problem here using offical link cable…I fly the A320 a lot and now and then you need a 5 min break on a 4 hour flight…Its unplayable when i put headset back on

I dont use WMR this is on Oculus Software

Did anybody else notice that you can control tab between vr and monitor with fewer issues if the pc graphics settings and vr graphics settings are the same? I have been changing a lot of things lately so maybe it was something else, but I used to have fps slowdowns requiring reboot after switching and now I do not. It works with ultra settings fine too if they are set the same. Can anyone else confirm the behavior?

Yes, same here. Once I switch out of VR, coming back to VR produces terrible frame rate. (HP Reverb G2, WMR OpenXR, Radeon 5700 XT). Also, some form of switching between apps often results in “slideshow” effect: many seconds between frames. Closing and then reopening the Windows Mixed Reality doesn’t help.

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I set my PC <> VR setings the same now ( as in Low but for textures)
This seems to help

Glad there is a bug on this. I am seeing the same issue, and started a thread in the VR section: Quest 2 - VR is smooth until toggling it off and back on

I’m assuming you mean all settings except resolution? Or are you including resolution as well?

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