T-6 To the Limit - Saturday, January 15th 2022 Multiplayer Event

Multiplayer Event


After the release of the Reno expansion at the end of last year many of you have undoubtedly had the chance to race the T-6. It is big and bulky, yet undeniably quick and nimble. But outside of races, did you ever take this beast to the limit? Now is your chance. And let me tell you, we are not talking about top speed here!

This relatively long trip will give you a whole new perspective on the capabilities and performance of the legendary T-6. Instead of racing through canyons or valleys or just passing over mountains at a safe distance we are going on a trip that knows no cruise altitude. We will fly in valleys but we’re going to spend an equal amount of time climbing over mountain tops and flying along ridges. But never will we be far from the ground.

This trip will lead through a beautiful taildragger paradise in the mountains of Mexico that offers dozens of bush strips in a small area, waiting for brave pilots seeking for a challenge.

Landing the T-6 in challenging conditions will be the focus on this flight. You will be confronted with 32 diverse airstrips, all of them presenting unique challenges to overcome if you want to reach the ground and come to a stop safely.

The journey starts at Guamuchil (MM39) and ends at San Ignacio (MMXN), roughly four hours later. Since this is a long trip there is no β€œcore” route that completes the experience. As we say at FSB - Join when you can, leave when you must!
And be brave! What use is finishing this trip in one piece if you didn’t get to enjoy the thrill of landing in tight spaces?

Date / Time: 15th of January - 02:00 PM CDT /// 2000Z /// 20:00 GMT
Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Server: EAST USA
Departure ICAO: MM39
Arrival ICAO: MMXN
Aircraft recommendation: T-6 or similar speed or type!
Route: MM39 β†’ MMOH β†’ MMBZ β†’ MMBK β†’ MMBW β†’ MMII β†’ MMHY β†’ MMGU β†’ MMJS β†’ MMOZ β†’ MMBD β†’ MMBR β†’ MMJY β†’ MMWU β†’ MMVH β†’ MMWI β†’ MMUP β†’ MMWJ β†’ MMWK β†’ MMWF β†’ MMGC β†’ MMIF β†’ MXDK β†’ MMIX β†’ MMIY β†’ MMFU β†’ MMJO β†’ MMWY β†’ MMYV β†’ MMWV β†’ MMWC β†’ MM03 β†’ MMXN

Flight Conditions

WEATHER & TIME: Between morning and noon - Live weather if visibility permits, otherwise few / scattered clouds

Important Event Links

We Love VFR - Region 2
This adds VFR objects like tracking dishes, chimneys and cranes.

Flight Plan

T-6_ToTheLimit.pln (10.2 KB)

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If you donΒ΄t have the Reno pack with the T-6 then feel free to try any other plane that can do around 150 knots. I will try the RV-7A and some other different planes during the flight since I donΒ΄t own the T-6. Most important is to have a plane which can handle short take-offs and shot landings… so, not the C208 hehe.

2,5 hours to go! This will be a very cool group flight with MANY MANY landings. It is the perfect activity to practice landings on mountains sides and hill slopes. And let us all be honest here! Take-offs and landings are the best parts of any flight :).

Event starting right now. It is a 4 hour event so join late or leave early, up to you! See you there!

darn it, I just saw this today … sounds like something I regret missing … figures.

Hopefully, there will be more T-6 runs in the future