T-Rudder - common issue, but no solution

Hi. I have hunted the forum for this issue - seems common, but I can’t seem to get a solution to work.

When I use toe-brakes on my T-Rudder pedals, the aircraft slows, but comes to a complete stop. No extra throttle gets it moving again. I have to set parking brake (it is not on), then release to get going.

it seems the toe-brakes are forcing the brakes on permanently - I only have it mapped to the brake axis.

Nothing mapped to brakes ( which I understand is a binary binding - on or off).

I did read about the thrustmaster drivers, but haven’t gone down that road yet, in case there is something simple I’m missing.

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Nope, you’re not missing anything. Have the same rudder pedals and this remains an issue, but only randomly. Just did a short A320 flight and the brakes worked pedal perfect. On other flights they stick. It is confusing.

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ok thanks. It’s not a big deal to switch the parking brake on and off, just irritating. and not helpful when trying to use the brake for a tight turn. If I don’t put the brake to the floor, it seems to work better

Just tried again in the SR22. Seemed to be the same issue. But then I wacked up the throttle. In the cessna, it just shakes the aircraft. Did the same, but then it started moving. I don’t know what’s going on!

Same problem. It’s a pain.

Thrustmeters’ derivers need an update otherwise I don’t see a way out

I may have sorted it.
I went to the control settings for the t-rudder and selected reset to defaults. I also deleted my own t-rudder profile.

Last couple of flights it has acted as I expect it to.

I also downloaded the software for the pedals at

Thanks for the heads up.

Installed 2018_FFD_2. it works for about 5min or so, When it stops or disengages, it freezes the sim for about a minute or so and it cycles back - like that every 5min.
Very annoying.

Thrustmaster must step up with a new driver

Driver didn’t help a bit.- removed it.

Everything still the same

Reset the rudder pedals in USB-Game-Controller Settings under windwos after deinstalling all softwares solved the problem for me. USB-Dongle is in plane-mode.

Solved my problem.

I changed to a different USB hub, a USB2 . Operantly my hub was connected to usb3 port, as well as being a USB3 hub. Possibly, just changing the port to USB2 may of solved the problem for me.

Now it is working as the doctor ordered. With no drivers I may add.

That’s interesting as I noticed after installing a new SSD I had inadvertently put mine in a different USB slot. :thinking:

yes, the same will occur with SSD or any other device for that matter.

Changing the USB Slot also resets the controller sometimes, but it’s easier to reset it manually.

I only have a german screenshot, but these are the buttons you should press. (Deinstall all special softwares first. They are totally useless - AND prevent you from resetting the Rudder like shown.)

Oh, and DONT calibrate after this!!!