MSFS 2020 Thrustmaster rudder inputs have no response when applied despite successful setup and recognition by MSFS2020. appreciate suggestions to resolve such issue

I’m sorry if I am misunderstanding - are you referring to the Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals? If so it sounds like you need to manually assign the bindings to your Pedals? You will want to bind the Rudder Axis commands to the rudder axis and the individual Right and Left Brake Axis commands to the brake pedals. I this is not your problem please let us know and we will try to help.

Here are some references that might help:


I had the same issue with the T-Flight rudder pedals. Re-bound the pedals to the Rudder Axis and Right and Left Brake Axis then put in 5% dead zone on all three axis and -30 rudder sensitivity. All good now!


Works well now, thank you for your help

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Thanks for the advice! Works like a charm now, thanks friend! :slight_smile:

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a definate +1 for the -30 rudder sensitivity, and I would reccomend a -10 or -15 for the brake sensitivity too if you are wearing shoes.

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The issue I have now is that when I apply toe brakes after touch down the brakes lock and the only way I can taxi off the runway is to cycle the park brake on then off which seems to release the brakes. No idea why this is happening. I don’t know if this is just my setup or if anyone else is experiencing a similar situation.

Did you bind the Brakes to the Right Brake Axis and Left Brake Axis commands? These are the linear (proportional) commands. The basic Brake commands are “binary” - all on or off. Also I have had to Reverse the Brake mappings. Make sure you clear any current commands that are mapped to your Brakes first.

Do you adjust sensitivity from within FS2020?

Yes - there is a Sensitivity button at the top of the left side of the Controls screen. It will give you sensitivity curves. I do know that some people have continued to use external peripheral calibration and control software but that shouldn’t be necessary unless you can’t get accurate response from within the sim itself.

Glaringly obvious but missed it at first!

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