TAA is worse after patch 5

it’s mainly texts that have a light source behind it that look jaggy and unreadable to me.
but the stock A320 is more readable than the FBW one.

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I wish people were like this but NO
they want refund or whine about this and that blame the DEV team
i do have lots of probs with MSFS but i still have patience
people dont realise this is a one of a kind SIM in terms of Quality and soon in terms of simulation level (Study)
look at CDPR with their CP2077 because they want a really perfect launch they keep delaying their game which will eventually burry the hype of the game.
Nothing is perfect at first , it takes time and people should understand that.

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Take a look at this (before I crashed A320 by leaving it without autopilot and it wrecked somewhere in colorado… RIP)

Which is integral lighting.

DLAA and FXAA honestly look like zero AA applied to me.
it would have been nice to have MSAA even tho it’s quite more resource heavy.
or DLSS which will probably lift all these issues.

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DLAA is broken, it overexposes and destroys colors. FXAA is… FXAA, let’s not talk about FXAA.

i’ll contact FBW about this issue, since it’s more prominent with their aircraft than the stock.
my apologies for the harsh comments, pent up frustration.
thought it was a obvious issue that they chose to ignore.
but the stock one looks fine while the mod looks unreadable.
I’ll test some other aircrafts to be sure but i think we located the cause.



Well all is forgiven and I am sorry too, but you can see why people like me get angry. Asobo did not touch anything, in fact TAA looks better in a lot of cases.

It actually smooths out edges to a huge degree, making the image sharper by upscaling it. It’s especially usefull on 1080p. Sharpening is not what causes text to be unreadable, it’s insufficient amount of pixels on screen. For that to be fixed, you’d have to go 8K or more. It’s impossible to resolve that issue in full on flat screen.


I am loving the new AA. Looks great. Everything is so sharp I’ve never seen a sim look so good.

This is why we need an adjustable sharpening slider in the graphics settings. I hated the oversharpened look and always kept the filter off from the UserCfg.opt file, but clearly some users preferred it.

Personally I think the sharpening filter looks just about right after this patch and the TAA improvements are excellent (especially the upsampling component), but the game should give users the choice to adjust the simulator’s look to their own taste without the need to tweak configuration files.

Looks awful now. This is with render scale at 200, TAA and trying to fix brightness and contrast in paint shop (It was even more washed out before).

I don’t have GeForce experience nor ever touch any sharpening. Motion blur turned off, don’t have HDR either.

The in cockpit displays are more fuzzy now, harder to read and shimmering along the edges. What’s wors in that using the G1000 know it often gets ‘stuck’ and keeps rotating on its own making it a nightmare to use.

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I’ve found that the ingame graphics settings sometimes change to a lower setting after updates. I put back to Ultra and all is well.

For me “sometimes” is after every single patch. It switches to a custom setting, and I think if some users were to own up to this, I think a lot of complaint threads about reduced visual quality could be attributed to this.

Personally I haven’t had my graphics settings reset with any patch, only exception is my custom setting in the UserCfg.opt file to turn off the sharpening filter, though and did not touch it actually. It doesn’t look like this happens to a lot of people so it might not be easy to pinpoint the cause of this issue.

Here are some screenshots from the nevada bush trip after patch 5.

I’m on Radeon with max settings. Notice the crazy salt-and-mostly-pepper effect. Ignore the numbering, as that was for identifying problems in another thread.

I’m not convinced this is AA related - to be honest, I have no idea what is wrong, but I am open to suggestions on tweaks I can make to try and pin down the problem(s):

Sorry about jpeg, ill do uncompressed next time. But I assure you this is highly reflective of what I see in-game.

I have been unable to even play the game all day today, it kept crashing, and mysteriously, works again now. This game is held together by voodoo and duct tape, I swear. I’ve gone to the stock Asobo A320, and it is more readable, but text both on screens and on surfaces that are backlit is definitely more blurry, and a bit shimmery. Not as bad as the FlyByWire, but it’s still pretty ■■■■. That means this is both a FlyByWire and Asobo problem. I personally blame Asobo, though.

Apart from that, the game generally looks aggressively oversharpened, especially in outside camera. I do not like this at all. I get the general feeling Asobo doesn’t know what they’re doing at all. A sad state of affairs.

Guys the issue isn’t the TAA they messed up the sharpening.s.Sharpness is a bit too much making the sim appear unnatural/grainy effect which I think is not bad lower the sharpening a bit.The problem with the previous sharpening there was noticeable jaggies on objects specifically buildings.This one in this build creates a noise effect.
Solution if you don’t like like I do go to the UserCfg.opt and turn the sharpen off and use the Nvidia or AMD version.
I will post screenshots comparisons later comparing the two builds.


Something I had happen to me is that it adjusted the resolution all the way to the bottom. Once I reset it to 2160 x 1920 (dual monitors) it was fine.

I concur and a few hours ago I’ve also updated my “settings” related post with the same suggestion!

The ‘jaggies’ in previous versions were most likely due to the sharpening effect being applied to the render buffer than the back buffer. I’ve Zendesk about this very early because it was like you’re saying making building edges a little ‘blocky’ like you’ve found out, whenever you were using TAA < 100%.

The update seems to properly apply sharpening to the back buffer now, however, it might be they previously nerf the effect because it was not enough visible (obviously if done on a 70% render buffer for example) and now it is therefore too much!


A comparison second screenshot current build