Taildragger Landing Preferences

Hey, I’m wondering if anyone has some general “rules of thumb”, protocol you abide by when dealing with Taildragger landings?

I know that they feel super light at the tail end and that translates into the back end lifting off first.
I know this also means most weight is over the front wheels and these are also where you want to touchdown with first.

I’m kinda playing with the idea that you want to generally trim these types of aircraft down or even somehere very towards the neutral point at least so you get those front tires down first.

With the other type of Aircraft landing gear configuration I’m landing with the nose pointing up, thus trimming towards the up bias, usually somewhere in the green bar you see on the UI. This works for me anyway.

This might be great to see peoples differing or similar strategies in dealing with these types of planes.

Except for the large taildraggers like the DC-3 you usually land these aircraft in a 3 point attitude.

If the there’s considerable crosswind component you need to land most of them in a level pitch attitude to maintain the rudder effectiveness.

Regardless of the landing technique you trim the aircraft to fly hands off at approach speed.
You usually DON’T trim prior or during the flare.

If you land in a 3 point attitude you simply keep (or pull) the stick fully aft to help the tailwheel to stay on the ground.

During a wheel landing you have to push the stick a bit forward on most aircraft to avoid a bounced touchdown.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: