Take a look at this new graphics engine

I found this on YT. What’s possible in the future of Flight Simulation… (beyond believe)


This of you who know or who follow Star Citizen’s development, you will know what massive problems happen when you try to use what is ostensibly a first person shooter game to generate huge environment s.

I don’t think it’s the holy grail engine that will break the “super detailed small environment” vs “lower detailed huge environment” dichotomy.

Want I want to say with this is that the future of (flight) simulation is a bright one.
The possibilities are endless…

Imho, this looks overly dramatic - too saturated, too much contrast and too much reflections. Simply too much.

For Ace Combat that would be great, for a flight simulator to look realistic? Likely not.

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This is how XP12 looks in previews.
MSFS sceneries are sometimes to much saturated imho…

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Well, I did not mention that MSFS does not look overly saturated :wink: I was just referring to the video.

Also you can have everything be pretty looking using static animations, static lights and screen space reflections - a video here does not tell the truth. A proper flight simulator should render the scene dynamically based on real world data as far as possible.

Likely the engine above is only intended to make something look pretty, just like UE5 does - but there is way more to handle (just look at the trouble with dynamic clouds on MSFS)

it really doesn’t. Just on a screenshot from a certain angle on a custom airport. The rest of the world in xplane 12 looks terrible.


Let’s please keep discussions centered on MSFS. Thanks!