Take me to

Anyone else like the “take me to” feature. I’m not one to sit at cruise for long flights so ideal for me to do take off/climb and descent/approach/landing.

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Just wish it wasn’t so buggy! It’s an awesome feature and if they added historical weather it would make it even better!

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Yeah I tried it once but it crashed my flight. Ive not tried again since!

Great idea, if it worked properly.

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Yep - absolutely. Another thing to add to that very long list of things I hope Asobo or their colleagues can one day spend a bit more time on and put right.

How much memory do you have ?

May I suggest you try my free Flight Planner. It has built-in short trips to many interesting places, and also lets you chose a destination by name.


I have 32Gb RAM. Upgraded it specifically for this game :slight_smile:

Same here, upgraded to 32 because of the recommended specs.
Ill have to test that one out, although i can see something like that being hard to program perfectly for a myriad of systems on the first go.

I’ve not had any crashes using it but it normally puts me at overspeed. It is a bit random at the moment when selecting descent as to how far out you end up.

Very interesting!

Will any flight plans created with your software be used by MSFS 2020’s A.I. Co-Pilot to control the entire flight, including any custom waypoints along the route?

I’m interested in seeing if this is good for what I call ‘virtual tourism’ flights, where I can just tell the plane where I’m departing from and where I want to arrive, with the plane accurately following any custom way points along the way (say, to go around any mountains, etc., or to follow a particular route between departure and arrival, as opposed to a direct GPS route)…?

I hope I’ve written that clearly. Let me know if you need me to explain it any better.

Thanks for you interest and suggestions. GTFP cannot function as an autopilot. However, you can make a trip with whatever waypoints you wish. It has a GPS that can overlay the cockpit. It follows the plane on the map and shows distance and direction to any selected waypoint, but you have to steer the plane yourself. I will consider adding an autopilot function, but as the FS developers have stated, it is not an easy task