Take Off Objective Issues

When starting from a ramp I have noticed that more often than not after taxing to the runway the objectives aren’t updating following take off and no take off it recorded in the logbook. Does anyone know what I’m doing to cause this?

Hello Ace!
Common issue I’ve seen is where people aren’t lining up on the center line, If you don’t get it spot on the sim for whatever reason, doesn’t activate the next step. So next time you’re in the sim, try getting as close to center line as possible and see if that doesn’t trigger it! Let me know how it goes!
Happy Flying!

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Thanks mate I will let you know how I do!!! about 30mins into a 4hr flight so I will check once I’m on the ground again.

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Hey Ace,
No problem my friend, I hope this does help! I had the same issue at first.
Happy Skies!

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Thanks got it to work!

Tried this but didn’t work. I even retried several times but still getting the error. :expressionless:

Yes it seems more than a little hit and miss, if you are following a flight-plan and are looking for it to update/ATC to catch-up etc… You can select a nearest airport in the air then just back out and that updates the flight… However the take off itself still isn’t recorded.