Tante Ju - A Microsoft Flight Simulator Film - Junkers Ju-52

My first go at a cinematic, let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Hey, good job on the video, I wish there was more people doing this. I’ve been a videographer for over 15 years and here’s what I would suggest for your video. (constructive critic :slight_smile: )

Take 25% of your favorite takes and remove the rest.
The beginning is the best part, it shows that you need more close-up shots.
You should alternate from wider to closer shots to keep the viewer entertained.
And don’t be afraid to cut the length of each shots (even half second shots sometimes have greater impact than 10 sec clips), you don’t want to give the viewer any temptation to skip ahead in the video (which I did for the most part : this video should be around 3 min with the content it has in my opinion)
My personal favorite part is the shots with the fog in the mountains…the feel and transition was perfect…music stopped and black fade was really well done.
I would also add more POI like ■■■■■ in Rio and mount everest.

But keep up the good work, I love cinematics for flight simulator, hopefully the replay function will give us more of this !! And glad you did this with Tante Ju, very nice aircraft to fly :wink:


Thanks for the feedback, noted & very much appreciated as I’m always looking to improve.

These were my best shots to be honest, I culled about 20 clips down to around 4 or so from each location/livery. I agree I need more up close shots though, I wanted more cockpit too but it’s hard to look natural panning in the cockpit with a joystick on my throttle. I’ve got a delan clip arriving tomorrow so hopefully I can get some nice realistc looking cockpit shots in my next one which will help it feel more immersive.

Think I might do one for the Spitfire! next :slight_smile:

Good job. I like to note that some cockpit/cabin views will add more realism. A pilots workplace is inside the plane!

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Yeah I agree, hard to make it look natural with a joystick though. Luckily I have a delan clip arriving tomorrow so once I’ve got that up and running I can get ultra realistic cockpit views :slight_smile:

Awesome, can’t wait to look at your next masterpieces :smiley:

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Very cool,

The opening scene up to the takeoff combined with the background music felt like I was watching a scene out of Band of Brothers!

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Brilliant, how did you do that? I noticed a few (quite a few) hesitations, which I guess is MSFS.