Tastenbelegungen neu bei F/S 2020

Warum wurde die Tastenbelegung an Joystick und Keyboard nicht gleich
belegt wie bei früheren Simulator Softwares. Kann man diese individuell
anpassen? Das Ganze ist so was von kompliziert bei F/S 2020!

any function available can be mapped to any key combination, but there are a lot of differences in FSX to FS2020 that make the assignments not easy to translate.

An example is the pause system. The only full pause toggle which used to be the P key is gone and you can set a PAUSE ON and PAUSE OFF command, but they cannot be the same key…the current PAUSE TOGGLE brings up the menu, which is not what we’re accustomed to.

Also, the camera system is largely brand new, so the A and S keys of old are no longer what you would use and there’s no easy equivalent. You just have to get used to the new stuff.

Most of the other keys like Ctrl+E and F1-12 still do the same as they did, G still does gear. But a few of the differnces are pause and cameras and there is just no comparing. The old system of FSX is lacking a lot of the newer systems in the FS2020 system and there is just no getting the old keys for that back.