Taxiway Blue edge light stalks too high

Although you can taxi through them(!), the taxiway Blue edge light stalks are too high, low wing GA would hit them

And sometimes they’re actually out in the taxiway!


I encouter the same problem on various airports such as Toulouse-Blagnac.

I never saw any on stalks when I was in the RAF, they were all flush, or small thick glass domes that could take the weight of an aircraft. One of the tasks we had to do in Germany before winter set in was to hammer 3ft white posts tipped with day-glow in the grass along taxyway and runway edges. Posts lights are a thing now It appears, especially on airports that might suffer inclement weather such as snow, and perhaps where grass cutting is not a done thing (lazy). However, you would have to be a moron to put these ON a taxyway, or anywhere an aircraft, vehicle, snowplough, or anything that might move might be. If you did, your maintenance crews would have a full time task repairing the damage cause to lights and traffic.

Every time I see taxiway lights (or signs) on the taxiway road surface, I take screenshots, go to Zendesk, and file a bug report. If I can, I put the lights’ location(s) in the bug report, as well.


I hope this isn’t an airport-by-airport manual fix for the developers. There should be an automated check in their tools that prevents taxiway lights or signs within X meters of a taxiway centerline.

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Agree. (Although I’ve seen it at the handcrafted airports, too. KMCO comes to mind.)
I don’t have any visibility into that automated process.
But the reason I log tickets is to give them data points to help troubleshoot what’s going wrong with their automated proces and then also to test to make sure they got it right.
Not everyone’s going to want to do this, of course, and that’s okay. This is just me.