Taxiway Edge Lights, is replacement possible?

I honestly find taxiway edge light sticks and bulbs too big, high, and out of realistic color.

Would it be possible to replace them with smaller more realistic mods ?

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The short answer is yes. Read up on lightrows in the sdk documenation. Everything you need is there

This is assuming you know how to create/modify airfields. If not, you have a longer road which includes reading the sdk documentation and watching tutorials. There’s too much to explain in a post.

yeah but I want to radically change them globally and not just for a certain airport, like lvfr jetway pro add on.

perhaps, there is a mod that does the job already, cannot stand those yellow sticks anymore.

I agree with this sentiment. Another problem is that the LOD for them seems to turn them to yellow sticks (without the blue bulb on top) at a way to short distance.