Taxiway Issues and Surprises

I am working on an airport that was not included in MFS. Please, anyone have an idea how to resolve this …

while all seems well in the sdk editor . Though some taxiway blue edge lights seems to follow their own path different from the taxiway …

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Off topic but where did you get that control tower and terminal building from?

@dustNslats the control tower is from the sdk while the terminal building is from MS/Asobo. The airport DNAS is presently not in the game but the terminal building and cleared airport area is in the game.
Location lat=“6.20733266876834” lon=“6.66018142373996”.
I would post my effort with this airport hopefully by the end of the month, after some testing :wink: :innocent:.

Suprising ! I have not seen that control tower in the SDK ! Is this in a new version ? What is it under. Is it under Scenery, or Simobjects ?

@SlidHydra647449 it is there :wink: … It is not a new version … try these.

Create your airport.

Add any desired control tower

add then delete the desired control tower. use the gizmo tool and move it around (new location maybe?)

Build your project and copy necessary file to your community folder…

when you check the airport xml you would notice the control tower entry (no specific ID, just lat/lon/alt)

load the sim and you should have the control tower. I just noticed there are different types of these generic towers :thinking:

Thanks for making me pay more attention to these.
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I’m sorry, I couldn’t see any issue in the pictures you posted. Circling your problem would help.

But, based on the few words you used to describe your problem, it seems that your issue is that sometimes the taxiway lights defined by the left and right side options in the taxipath definition work fine for straight areas, but, go all over the place when you try to get them to go around a corner. Hence, the issue… What I’ve found is that taxipath taxiway lights don’t know what to do when the taxipath turns away from straight. For the time being, I only use taxipath taxiway lights on straight sections and turn them off as links go around a corner.

The other issue is that the lights tend to either overrun the paths that you’ve defined them on, IOW, if I have them on one 1 link, but turn them off on the next, sometimes they continue along the linke where I’ve turned them off. I’ve also run into issues, where, if I turn the taxipath taxiway lights off on one link, they remain off on the next and won’t appear.

Then add to that the taxiway lights line doesn’t work (you can create a line of lights, and they show up in Devmode, only the first light shows up in the game), we’re just going to have to wait until Asobo takes the time to fix them, we’re going to have to live with partial taxiway lighting. Better than having them all over the tarmac…

I haven’t submitted a bug report on it as it would take forever to describe all the problems with taxiway lighting.

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@FlyingsCool5650 you fully grasp the situation/issue with the taxiway light. The other issue was with the extra large width of the taxiway in the initial pictures, which at present is back to normal (a couple of reboots, later).

The other pictures are to explain to @SlidHydra647449, @dustNslats and maybe anyone interested how I accidentally :wink: got the control tower I used.

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I wish they had made the control towers so they were taller. You can always uncheck ’ snap to normal/ snap to ground’ and bury them into the ground to shorten them. For an SDK for a flightsim, we should have had more CT examples.

Now im trying my best to learn Blender to make some of my own 3D objects. Total newbie here. finally made my own Control Tower, now im trying to learn how to texture it. Havent even gotten to working with PBR materials…