Taxiway lines not visible in the editor after the last update (i find temporal solution)

Hello guys, today I wanted to start with the taxiways of my new development, unfortunately I realized that in the editor I draw the taxi lines but they are not drawn, I thought it was my problem but in another forum of several developers have reported this issue.

Has anyone here detected it and knows how to fix it or is it part of a new error attached to the last update?



We just checked and we confirm it’s a bug. Our devs will fix it in the next days!
Thanks for reporting it.

Have a good day,


thank for you feedback. a big hug.

Temporaly solution is:

Make a simple taxywayparking in any inital point, the taxiways appears again!

That is good to know and may help others… Thanks!

Hi GamerFull,
We have found a fix for this bug, it will be available in a futur update.
Your temporal fix was right, the issue is linked to parking spots.
Note that the bug only happens in the editor, not in-game.