Taxiway naming for piers

Just a question regarding taxiway labeling so everything works…

I’m currently doing Bangkok (DMK) airport and there are a number of piers where the gates come off and its just labeled ‘apron’ on google maps and nothing on the charts… What/do I have to name these, for them to link all up to the rest of the taxiway/atc network?

You won’t find the exact airport map on Google Maps. But there are a lot of free charts on the internet for Bangkok in particular.
Or, if you fly a lot, it is worth joining Navigraph.


Thanks mate I am also using Navigraph.

What I was meaning is there are unnamed taxiways that come of the main taxiways that go in between the piers that have no taxiway name as such, a couple, it just says apron on google satellite

OK - and what does it say on Navigraph?

It doesn’t say on navigraph. Do I just name a fictional one.
I guess there are a number of airports around the world and using Don Mueang as an example for any official guidelines that have unnamed taxiways that come of a main taxiway into piers/terminal gates…
If you go on google maps and zoom in on DMK for this example/querry and look at the gates/piers.
There are 6 or 7 piers that run off an 90 degree angle to a main taxiway for example taxiway B to gates 62-66.
I’ve named them P1- P7 cause I’m guessing ATC/Traffic will have issues i.e the classic “taxi to runway using taxiway” but I’m just wondering if there is an official naming for real world ATC etc

So either I don’t understand the problem or we talk past each other.

But if there is only one way to the gate, why should it have a name?
In addition, many modern airliners now also have an airport navigation system.

In other words, if they don’t have a name, don’t name them. Just make sure they connect to the taxiways. FS will figure out the routing with or without names.

Awesome thanks for that mate so for the above photos, those taxiway lines that go to those pier gates, if they are not named, connect to the rest of the network and as long as I have all the other taxiways named accordingly, I shouldn’t get those ATC requests to “taxi to runway via taxiway” without naming the taxiways etc…

Appologise for that mate I’m guessing what we are both trying to say is lost in translation.

When these borders open up and we can travel I’ll shout you a drink.

What I was just making sure, if there are taxiways not named, but connected to the rest of a named network. If I leave them unnamed like in real life, that MSFS atc will recognize that and not have a error where it just tells you to “taxi to… via taxiway” and not give the names out.

Yes, that’s correct. It will only name those taxiways you name when they tell you how to get somewhere. If you don’t give them a name to say, what are they going to name them? :wink:

IOW, the airport you created is boss. It doesn’t go back to the old definition.