Taxiway ribbons have been merged with landing paths, please split these back apart

After the latest update my taxiway ribbons had been turned off, that’s annoying I like them on. However, I don’t use any other navaids, I don’t want points of interests or airport guides, and I ESPECIALLY don’t want landing paths!

It seems now the only way I can get taxiway ribbons on is to turn on landing paths. URGH!

Can we PLEASE have these split and put back to how it was? This is highly ugly and distracting to gameplay, please allow users to control this a little better.

While you’re add it, can you please return the ESC key to the RESUME feature as well? Yes, I have now mapped another joystick button to it, but it use to be very handy to quickly hit escape to pause the game and then hit it again to resume, now this is split across multiple controller types. Any chance that can be returned?

They’re still separate on my system.

I just did a test flight and the taxi ribbon worked with no landing path on approach.

I can validate that they’re working as intended on several test flights I’ve done. Hope you get it sorted out.

They are separate, you just need to go back to your Assistance options. Set everything to Hard/True to Life to turn all of the assist off as a base, then go to the Navigation Aids, and just turn on the Taxi Ribbon, while keeping everything off.

You can bind the Toggle Pause to the joystick button, then also bind Set Pause Off to the same joystick button… problem solved.

Thanks to all who responded, I don’t know how I stuffed it up, but the day I was struggling with this there was a new menu item that had them tied together, but as per the suggestions, when I went into assistance options they were indeed separate. I have looked everywhere for the screen that had them together and I can’t find it, doesn’t matter, it’s now fixed. Although it does seem to keep turning off (as do some other settings) but I’m getting use to that now :frowning:
Regarding the ESC key binding, I was sure there was a default that had it enabled and they removed it, but yes you can assign the escape key to go back to normal, but it is also split across two different controls now. That’s fine.
Thanks for taking the time out guys, cheers.

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It’s in the flight assistant from the handlebar drop down and I hate the guy already. I have everything set hard except atc voices so can you manage my surprise when my aircraft started taking off down the runway before I even reached for the parking brake… Now I only ever start from the gate.