Taxiway Sign Issues (Naming Accuracy, Size)

Taxiway signs have a lot of issues at the moment. The two largest issues are that taxiway names are inaccurate / do not match real airport diagrams, and they are far too small.

ISSUE #1: Taxiway names are inaccurate across the globe.

We absolutely need accurate taxiway names to do any sort of realistic operations at unfamiliar airports, especially on VATSIM. It’s a huge bummer that they aren’t accurate. To me, this is almost as important as runway numbers being accurate. Both are important to airfield navigation and need to reflect real life.

Asobo / MS, PLEASE, we beg, find a way to make the taxiway names match real life, either by using AI to scan airport charts and auto apply the names, have developers manually edit them for as many airports as possible, or create a scenery gateway system and allow us to EASILY modify taxiway names and submit them for inclusion with the sim.

Open Street Map seems to have accurate taxiway naming for most airports that I’ve seen. Maybe their data could be imported into the sim. Or some sort of auto-chart-reader utilizing AI could detect sign names on updated charts from the current AIRAC and reflect them in the sim.

ISSUE #2: Taxiway signs are WAY too small.

See this post from this thread for information on accurate sign sizing.

Taxiway signs at larger airports with runways over 5000 ish feet should be significantly larger than they currently are. This is very important for anyone flying large aircraft at large airfields. The signs need to be legible while moving at normal taxi speeds (15-25 kts), and they need to be large enough to read from afar and up high in the cockpit of aircraft like the 747. There are standardized ICAO taxiway sign sizes, and you can see what they are in the post above. This information is available on the internet in other locations as well. Here is an FAA Advisory Circular on taxiway sign sizes. See page 9.

ALSO: Many taxiway signs are one sided, which is rarely the case in real life. Taxiway signs that are on runway intersections need to have a side facing the exit so that exiting aircraft know what taxiway they exited the runway on. Make sure signs are double sided.

These are less wishes for cool added features and more a plea for things that we NEED on this sim in order for it to be realistic and feasible to fly online. These are things that have existed in nearly all other major sims that have been released, and MSFS is one of the first to not include accurate taxiway names and signs that are the same size as in real life.


Completely agree! Thought I was drunk when the taxiways didn’t match on my Foreflight when I had gotten my taxi clearance. Basically had to decipher where they wanted me to go. Not study level! Not ready for Vatsim! Just unorganized.


Exactly! There’s really no feasible way to accurately fly on VATSIM (or navigate around an airport) without accurate taxiway names… surprised this issue has taken lower priority over others (like the complaints about trees being too tall lol).


2000% agree.

There are a lot of plates that are blank, some you can’t read at all Some are completely missing. It’s a bit of a mess.


The signs are too small too. That makes em even harder to read.

But also: THE SDK doesn’t allow us to modify existing scenery! We can only start from scratch!

ASOBO, please give us access to modify existing airport layouts like we could in ADE or X-Plane’s editor. It should be an easy process.


I have to use the progressive because of the wrong taxi signs. I ran into issues where taxi signs and the taxi border lights were in the middle of taxi way. The border taxi lights were also in the middle of KSFO which is a hand crafted airport. One big reason I went from standard to premium. Pretty frustrated.


This is by far my biggest issue with the Simulator.


Completely agree this is the first thing I noticed when I taxiied to the holding point at my local international airport for the first time. Unless its fixed it will cause major carnage on Vatsim



The Zoom level is unable to read the markers from parking/taxi.

Sending out a Drone(camera) to read them would probably get a license revoked.

Having an Airport Diagram open on your iPadd is a great option but Binoculars have always been important.

MS Flight Sims Zoom levels have always been insane. You could zoom in for miles.
Why is something built from FSX not capable of zooming?

“Get there!” - Microsoft Golf

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Wrong taxi signs make this unuseable for people on Vatstim etc. I thought it was accurate., I now have to keep my er sims up so I can use them for this, A very severe fault.


100% agree, correct taxi names are extremely important. After landing, literally all immersion is broken and that good feeling of completing a flight quickly vanishes due to the frustration of the current taxiway state


I agree.

Another issue is that the taxiway signs are too small… Especially troublesome when ATC gives you taxi instructions and you can’t even see the signs :frowning:


Totally agree, please, yesterday i have a 5 base fly in BANGKOK airport VTBD , and first the gate is so horrible, the jetway is direct into my cockpit, and gate is not align withe jetway at all, and during taxi , i saw runway holding line and runway number in the parking area , in that time i just want to escape the airport , because is so bad made , that i dont want to stay there any longer… please fix it , this is a very basic needs for us between vatsim or else… by the way southeast aisa airport is already less developer want to make airport for southeast asia, even an default airport dont care … we are also fans …

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I think the taxiway signs need to be a fair bit larger.

  1. I think they are larger IRL. (perhaps not at general aviation airports?)
  2. your screen resolution makes them less readable from a distance, so they should probably be even slightly larger than IRL. + I always hated how I had to zoom in on taxi signs to read them.

edit: I’ve done some research on taxisigns and the ingame taxisigns.

The leftmost sign is the ingame sign. (unfortunately it’s the back of the sign. The scenery editor didn’t cooperate so I had to improvise)

I think it compares to either size 1 or 2 (right most signs).
In my research I found these sizes are meant for general aviation airports, while 3 and 4 are for international airports.

A table for the sizes:

Size | support height | billboard height (on top of support/measured without support) | text size | max runway length of airport

Size 1 | 18cm / 7inch | 50cm / 20inch | 25cm / 10inch | 800m / 2600ft

Size 2 | 18cm / 7inch | 66cm / 26inch | 33cm / 13inch | 1200m / 3900ft

Size 3 | 18cm / 7inch | 81cm / 32inch | 40.5cm / 16inch | 1800m / 5900ft

Size 4 | 18cm / 7inch | 127cm / 50inch | 63.5cm / 25inch | 1800m+ / 5900ft+

Size 4 is a bit smaller for european airports I think. (107cm)
But yeah, the signs should be larger for the big airports.


Agree too. In A320 I have to do full zoom to see the letters to know where to go in gatwick. Not easy with that small letters.

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I did that research too and submitted a Zendesk request which has not been answered. Hope they fix that.


Thanks for taking the time to find the real heights and import them into the sim! It’s telling seeing how small the default signs are in comparison.

Since many devs of Asobo became a GA pilot I think they got easy access to the signs at their GA airport and measured those. They may not have seen the bigger ones even.

However, FSX had all sizes in the game. (I think they only used size 3 though) They even had size 5, which is similar to size 3 but to show how long the remaining runway is. (I don’t think that was ever used either)

I think telling an AI which sign to use is not too hard as it correlates with the longest runway available. Maybe grass runways should have maximum size 2.

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so sad , a customer have to do this for the brand… we should enjoy not doing this … but is there any choice we can make? Look like we are teaching teaching them how to make FS.

FS is a professional tool or else., if you put a word “SIMULATOR” is word is heavy and will come with a huge high expectation customers who purchase this… and that who cant fly in real life , this is a major things for them.

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Yes, I completely agree.

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