Taxiway Sign Issues (Naming Accuracy, Size)

Taxiway signs have a lot of issues at the moment. The two largest issues are that taxiway names are inaccurate / do not match real airport diagrams, and they are far too small.

ISSUE #1: Taxiway names are inaccurate across the globe.

We absolutely need accurate taxiway names to do any sort of realistic operations at unfamiliar airports, especially on VATSIM. It’s a huge bummer that they aren’t accurate. To me, this is almost as important as runway numbers being accurate. Both are important to airfield navigation and need to reflect real life.

Asobo / MS, PLEASE, we beg, find a way to make the taxiway names match real life, either by using AI to scan airport charts and auto apply the names, have developers manually edit them for as many airports as possible, or create a scenery gateway system and allow us to EASILY modify taxiway names and submit them for inclusion with the sim.

Open Street Map seems to have accurate taxiway naming for most airports that I’ve seen. Maybe their data could be imported into the sim. Or some sort of auto-chart-reader utilizing AI could detect sign names on updated charts from the current AIRAC and reflect them in the sim.

ISSUE #2: Taxiway signs are WAY too small.

See this post from this thread for information on accurate sign sizing.

Taxiway signs at larger airports with runways over 5000 ish feet should be significantly larger than they currently are. This is very important for anyone flying large aircraft at large airfields. The signs need to be legible while moving at normal taxi speeds (15-25 kts), and they need to be large enough to read from afar and up high in the cockpit of aircraft like the 747. There are standardized ICAO taxiway sign sizes, and you can see what they are in the post above. This information is available on the internet in other locations as well. Here is an FAA Advisory Circular on taxiway sign sizes. See page 9.

ALSO: Many taxiway signs are one sided, which is rarely the case in real life. Taxiway signs that are on runway intersections need to have a side facing the exit so that exiting aircraft know what taxiway they exited the runway on. Make sure signs are double sided.

These are less wishes for cool added features and more a plea for things that we NEED on this sim in order for it to be realistic and feasible to fly online. These are things that have existed in nearly all other major sims that have been released, and MSFS is one of the first to not include accurate taxiway names and signs that are the same size as in real life.


Is it just me or are all the taxiways incorrect? At non handcrafted airports the taxiways seem like they are just randomly assigned. For example at Nassau (MYNN) taxiway H is named A. Is this a bug or just an oversight on Asobo’s part? I hope it gets fixed in the future as it makes Vatsim extremely hard to use.


taxiways are named generic unfortunately and not according to real world.
I hoped for Navblue cooperation to take care of this but obviously it doesn’t…
Very annoying indeed.


That’s a real bummer. Even FSX had accurate taxiway data based on the AFDs. Isn’t there a pretty simple way Microsoft can / could have implemented this? I mean didn’t they hand sketch each airport layout from Bing Maps? Couldn’t / shouldn’t they have added proper gate numbers and taxiway markings at that point? Hope we at least get a scenery gateway system to update the layouts…


welcome to my ongoing pet peeve since the very beginning.

unfortunately not only do they not seem to be concerned, you will get users here and elsewhere telling you it doesnt matter anyway.


It very much matters… is there a way to make sure the devs see this? Are they still reading every post?

you are correct, taxiways are not real-world, they are random and do not follow any logical patterning.

i know it matters to us, however, this is how asobo intended it from the beginning. only 80 airports would have realworld taxiway names/signs. all the rest are procedurally generated (fictional)

Oof. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t implement whatever technology was utilized to make FSX taxiways accurate on this sim. Huge step down in realism.


with all the AI talk about how they would be able to keep the scenery up to date with new data, i was surprised there is no way for them to use the official charts and just keep them perpetually updated with the chart cycle.

btw i have made a thread on the wishlist forum… doubt it will help but oh well.


I don’t understand that as well. Based on what they’ve already accomplished with AI solutions regarding scenery placement and weather, it doesn’t sound difficult to utilize the NavBlue access they have with AI to automatically update each taxiway’s name.


Many of us spent considerable time reviewing the airports for accuracy and providing highly detailed feedback. Much of this was ignored or is queued for some future state.


Hopefully that “future state” isn’t too far ahead of us…


if you remember, the official criteria in those tests never required the taxiway designations to match the real world… just that the taxiways were “usable”

hmm, I’m sure you are right. For some reason I assumed they wanted them to be accurate. Confirmation bias :wink:

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My local airport (Kuopio, EFKU) still lists runway 06/24 which was actually closed 2008 in real world.

I wonder where they got that information.

They need to fix this quickly, especially for VATSIM. There is already problems with online controllers giving taxi instructions to people flying the new sim.


Y all ATLEAST getting taxiway signs, i have flown at atleast 3 major airports in India and all of them had blank yellow taxiway signs.


Inaccurate taxiways (and to a lesser extent inaccurate taxiway signs) is a pretty big dealbreaker for online flying. I ran into issues flying into a smaller (but not tiny) airport where the taxiways and even the aprons didn’t match what I was seeing on charts.

If they are unable to do it themselves, I hope we’ll get access to a “scenery gateway” system similar to X-Plane where users can take the time to update the layouts. Would be the best of both worlds I’d say.


FSX did not always have accurate Taxiway name. For example in Germany almost no airport had accurate Taxiway names