Taxiway Sign Issues (Naming Accuracy, Size)

Nah taxiway accuracy doesn’t matter.

Nor does flight model, lighting, planes or anything else.

It looks amaze balls and we should all send Microsoft a thank you card.



fsx didn’t have all of them, nope. but msfs 2020 has even less. we’ve gone backwards.


I really hoped this new sim would be accurate, regarding the release date (2020), the time spent on it and the price !!
Yeah it is actually beautiful, but I’d rather like a realistic modern sim than a pretty empty box… Thanksfully the waypoints seems to be here.

Crossing my fingers for major nav updates (including taxiways, fmc and autopilot) soon, in order to go back online properly


I already filed a support/feedback ticket on zendesk. If a lot of users do that, they certainly have to adress this issue. I too was very disappointed when i touched down in EDDM and realised that my airport charts i used in FSX and XPlane are close to worthless. So let’s hope they fix this asap.


I agree…for online flying like on Vatsim or PE, Accurate taxiway numbers are crucial. Cant navigate an airport properly.


Most airports in FSX did have accurate taxiway signs - at least in the US.

Asobo, please make this happen!


Has anyone else notice that many of these taxiways don’t have any signage? Many of these Taxiways also have taxiway lighting on the centerline


@FightingCord520 i can confirm. Exact Same thing happened to me. Even the taxiways on centerline thing also.

i thought it might just be me. FSX had correct taxiways (and signs) at my local airport. And in this one, I was given taxi clearance for taxiways that don’t exist. On top of that, I had a bus and forklift driving on my assigned taxi way.

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This might be worth reporting as a bug ticket to make sure the issue is seen.

This is what happens when you offload too much work to the AI.
All the Taxway signs are procedurally generated, because they didn’t want to take the time to go through all of them by hand and asign the correct names.
But this is a flightsim, and accurate naming conventions are important.
So this is really something they have to adress.
Just the same as their approach in letting the AI recognize where an Airfield is instead of using a spreadsheet with names and coordinates. That is the reason why so many airports are missing. Because as soon as the Bing data is either deliberatly censored or so bad that the AI can’t recognize something, then it didn’t end up on their “to touch up” -list.


Flew into KMYF… My real world taxi diagram is not valid.

Makes me wonder about other things

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Completely agree! Thought I was drunk when the taxiways didn’t match on my Foreflight when I had gotten my taxi clearance. Basically had to decipher where they wanted me to go. Not study level! Not ready for Vatsim! Just unorganized.


Yeah I sent in a bug report today will update if they respond but the more people that send it in the more likely it will be fixed.


Exactly! There’s really no feasible way to accurately fly on VATSIM (or navigate around an airport) without accurate taxiway names… surprised this issue has taken lower priority over others (like the complaints about trees being too tall lol).


I sent one in the other day too.

APPARENTLY we have no way to modify existing airport sceneries… we can only start from scratch :frowning: Horribly disappointing considering the circumstances. This is important to us.


2000% agree.

There are a lot of plates that are blank, some you can’t read at all Some are completely missing. It’s a bit of a mess.


The signs are too small too. That makes em even harder to read.

But also: THE SDK doesn’t allow us to modify existing scenery! We can only start from scratch!

ASOBO, please give us access to modify existing airport layouts like we could in ADE or X-Plane’s editor. It should be an easy process.


I have to use the progressive because of the wrong taxi signs. I ran into issues where taxi signs and the taxi border lights were in the middle of taxi way. The border taxi lights were also in the middle of KSFO which is a hand crafted airport. One big reason I went from standard to premium. Pretty frustrated.


This is by far my biggest issue with the Simulator.