Taxiway Signs are TOO SMALL at Large Airports

EDIT: Merged thread with this other one I’ve already created:

Please upvote that thread and spread the word. Thanks!

Agreed. Even harder to read when you are moving.

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This is already addressed in the thread you linked. Duplicate posts reduce visibility for the devs (splitting the vote means it’s less likely to show up on the wishlist), plus they’re against the forum’s code of conduct.

The other thread is not specifically about the size of the signs despite them coming up in discussion. I worry about this issue not having visibility because it is masked away in a single post on another thread. This is a separate issue from the taxiway names being inaccurate, and it is not a duplicate thread.

Edit: I’m wrong and forgot to reread what I wrote…

Oh look at that, it’s your post - didn’t realize that you were the same person lol.

You did specifically say it in the OP, just not in the title:

ALSO: Taxiway signs are WAY too small

Ah my bad, I forgot that I mentioned it in that thread… is it worth removing it from there and keeping this as another thread to gain visibility, or should I delete this? I think it’s enough of a separate issue in my opinion…

Haha, no worries - I barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday. You may be able to edit the title, and I’m about to post on that thread to breathe a little life back in the discussion. Since the other thread has 72 votes already, we may find more luck there

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I’ll edit the title of the other post to encompass all taxiway signage issues. Hopefully it keeps gaining traction. Thanks for the help!

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