TBM 1 Hour Flight

Just completed a 1 hour flight in the TBM and on a RNAV approach it stalled on final and nothing I could do would gain any airspeed. Is this a problem in the sim in this airplane? I was flying it quite regularly with no problems and now this.

normally, the TBM fly actually quite good … “good” is relative to all the problems and totally broken turboprob engine logic…

I don´t know what you doing wrong, but i never stall it on the approach… if you have full flaps and gear down, you have to significantly throttle up to fight against the drag. The TBM doesen´t have Autothrottle, so you have to do it manually, also when you have Autopilot engaged.

I can advise you the orginal Flight Manual vom Daher - its helpfull in some points and when you want to operate as realistic as possible (as realistic as the sim allows us …)

I fly almost exclusively the TBM since launch, and never had a stall problem on approach.

It’s an easy plane. On an RNAV or ILS approach, landing gear, flaps, separator on, and aim for 88 to 90 knots. You will be descending at 450/500 fpm. On that configuration, the autopilot does a good job following the final approach.

With some RNAV approaches I noticed the glide slope get you too low, so check the PAPI lights if the runway has them before crashing to the trees.

Manage your trhottle inputs with anticipation because it has a little delay in comparisson with piston engine planes. This was your problem when stalling may be?

I just flew the exact same approach with no problems at all. The only thing I can figure is that my fuel was down to like 18%, maybe below 20 it shuts down, I don’t know. All I know is I’ve flown many hours in the TBM and that was the 1st time that had ever happened to me.

Maybe you run out fuel. Engine shuts down when you reach a fuellevel of 5 gal. each side.

TBM is pretty stable in msfs, it’s the only plane I fly just because the others are a mess. I’d imagine it was fuel level. This game is pretty much a TBM simulator right now.