TBM 930 continually rolling to the right

Is it just me but I seem to have a problem with the TBM 930, it continually keeps rolling to the right. I can stop it by applying left rudder but then I have to continually fly with left rudder. The trim seems to have no effect either… What is going on with it?

I have tried a few other planes and they seem fine so I do not believe its a problem with my controllers … just the 930…


Fuel selector not on Auto so you’re draining fuel from only one side, causing an imbalance?

I don’t think so as I am pretty sure I always set it to Auto and it happens immediately after take off… although I think I might try not selecting auto and using the right fuel tank to see what happens. The trim doesn’t seem to have any effect either which is odd…

  1. What is your rudder trim indication on the aircraft display? Centered?
  2. Before take off, release all flight controls to neutral. Use external cam view. Rudder position and ailerons are to…neutral?
  3. Wind?
  4. Level of “assistance”: Auto rudder on?

may want to check the deadzones on your stick. I had to increase mine last year to avoid a similar problem. (just a thought)

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