TBM 930 Dirty Windshield

Currently running is there any fix for the dirty windshield and bad turning radius.


reduce the windshield effects setting from the graphics menu.

What exactly does that mean?

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can’t hardly turn this beast on the ground

Seems to have no effect. This is it on low windshield effects.

Ah ok, thought you mean in the air. :laughing:

Well is a little tricky. Are you using rudder pedals or a twisting stick?
It’s a tricky thing between speed, rudder (wheel) deflection and sometimes differential braking if nothing helps.

You have to think of, you are steering a pretty small tire to bring the force of a moving 3 ton aircraft on the ground. If you’re steer too much, your wheel is slipping over the ground. In that case you never bring the force on the ground and you don’t turn that Plane.
Try to deflect the rudder pedals slowly, smooth and not too much and practice that with different speeds and you’ll get it for sure.

Unless something has changed, Asobo did a rather poor job of setting up the ground steering on this one. The systems config file is set with zero differential braking and the default steering angle for the nose gear is only 15° either way. To edit either one, first make a backup of the original and put it in a safe place. Second, make another backup and put that one in a safer place. If you completely booger up this particular plane, the only way to get a fresh copy is to delete the folder and re-launch the sim - at which point you’ll have to download the entire thing again, because the TBM and Cc152 are the two “required” aircraft.

Now - let’s edit…

The cfg files can be opened in any code editor, including Notepad. (I prefer Notepad++.) To enable differential braking, open the Systems file and scroll down to the [BRAKES] section. In the differential_braking_scale line, change the zero to a one (1). Save and close the file. You now have the ability to brake only with one wheel. If you don’t have pedals, then just combine full rudder deflection with brakes. Full right rudder while braking will only apply pressure to the right brake.

For steering, you need to pay a little more attention. In the flight_model file, scroll down to the [CONTACT_POINTS] section and find this line:

point.0 = 1, -7.5, 0, -4.14, 720, 0, 0.52, 15, 0.327, 1.5, 0.9, 13, 13, 0, 0, 0, 4

Change the 15 to a 50, so that it looks like this:

point.0 = 1, -7.5, 0, -4.14, 720, 0, 0.52, 50, 0.327, 1.5, 0.9, 13, 13, 0, 0, 0, 4

Save and close the file and you’ll now have positive steering deflection to the point where the inside wheel will almost remain still. Combine the two, and you’ll just about spin on that inside wheel. Just be careful though, since this will make handling on the runway a bit touchy!

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If that means, you can’t do differential braking on the TBM, then it’s wrong. I do it all the time when i was to fast to get the turn.
I have no idea if that is realistics in comparsion to the real live plane.

It’s definitely set at 0. Are you using a mod for the TBM?

Thanks for a comprehensive answer.

I mean, I don’t want to say you’re splitting split hairs here. I get you’re simply asking for a “fix”…But, unless I’m missing something really obvious with your screenshot…I think this might be splitting hairs…

I do see some…specs of dust or imperfections…but when was the last time you flew a TBM or other aircraft in the real world that had an absolutely perfect windshield? Why is this important to even bother adjusting? What is the impact?

EDIT: Apologies if that question about flying sounds loaded - I don’t mean to suggest you need to be a real pilot to judge the important of this - more so that its a flight simulator, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real plane with a spotless windshield in perfect condition outside of the factory. :slight_smile:

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Only the WT G3000 mod. No performance mod for the TBM or similiar.

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@PZL104 Only the Working Title G3000

@meh1951 You’re welcome!

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“They” said the reason we did not get Steam Gagues was because nobody today would but a plane without the glass cockpits. OK … if I can afford this plane then I will make sure the windshield is clean.
Some kind of rookie coders bad joke is my guess.

Just the WT G3000 mod.

I have windexed the windshield but I don’t know how to post a file

Perfect! Thank you it seems to steer like a real one now.

Hi there,
I moved this post to the Default Aircraft section.

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Just splitting another hair but…

If you can afford this aircraft, the windshield will be clean when you take delivery. After that you find out that dried bug guts just don’t wipe off. Each and every time you clean that windshield you are leaving small scratches. The next 200 knot bumble bee will fill that scratch, dry out before you land and you will be lucky if you ever get that spot clean again.

Trust me when I tell you that 200hrs on the Hobbs and a clean windshield will be a pipedream. By that time, it won’t matter because every time you turn into the sun all those scratches you put into it trying to get it perfectly clean will make it impossible to see through anyway.


AFAIK the pressurized TBM has multilayered heated windshields which aren’t of the thin plastic type.
There shouldn’t be any scratches I assume.