TBM 930 FMS Navigation is no longer available

The FMS navigation is simply gone, it only allows GPS, VOR1, and VOR2

Edit: I’m not sure why I’m the only one that doesn’t see the FMS Nav option, so this post is null.

That is false. FMS works fine.

Made a 1200nm IFR flight with the TBM yesterday. No problems here with the fms aka g3000.

I’d say the TBM is more prone than most to CTD on approach if you have a lot of stuff going on…turning onto approach, tweaking the power, lowering the gear and flaps, ATC giving you clearance and switching views. And this on a system with 32gb of RAM. Navigation seems to work ok though.

Have the same issue as Supelex with the TBM 930 and I’m driving mad slowly. I also have only GPS, VOR1, and VOR2 available in my system with version and I have no idea have to get back the FMS function. Flightplan is loaded and available.

Help and the essential tip would be very helpful if there is somebody which has FMS and the TBM 930 is functioning properly. What am I oversee maybe?

Many thanks and looking forward hearing from you.

Y’all might want to have a look at the release notes for the latest update:

Fixed General Aviation planes displaying FMS instead of GPS
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Sorry I didn’t realize that you didn’t know that FMS and GPS were the same thing.

From what I know, they aren’t the same, GPS just derives from FMS; e.x. not every FMS system has GPS. I might be wrong though. I’m still learning the TBM 930 and the G3000 system, so in previous patches, although GPS Nav made sense as the system is GPS, only FMS Nav functioned correctly, and it being removed caught me off guard cause that is what I was learning off of.

Is not false. The update states that they fixed GPS that was displaying as FMS.

I meant that the funtions in the sim that were previously FMS are now GPS (for some aircraft).