TBM 930 follow not roadmap

TBM 930 does not work well at all. The aircraft has difficulty following the roadmapp but would like to turn of course. This applies when Autopilot is engaged and both when Course or Nav is activated. Single routes work but usually do not. Some tips on what is wrong and how they can be fixed.

I have a simple little list that I follow when I dial in the AP and take off:

  1. Press the ALT button.
  2. Dial in the cruising altitude (from your flight plane, ceiling height) using the ALT rotary knob.
  3. Press the VS button.
  4. Dial the VS rotary knob to +2000 (make sure you see a “+” sign! I didn’t once by mistake…).
  5. Press the NAV button.
  6. Press the YD button.
  7. Disengage the Inertial Sep button.
  8. Disengage the Parking Brake.
  9. Set the throttle to 68%.
  10. Push down slightly on the yoke to keep the front wheel down.
  11. At 92 knots, “gently” pull back on the yoke.
  12. Clear the runway, then retract the landing gear and bring the flaps all the way in.
  13. At 1000 feet I press the AP button.

This has not failed me once, to date.

I hope this helps you out UneasierSumo4.

As a side note, if anyone reads this, stay away from the timer buttons in the PFD if you are flying IFR. If you mess with them, like I did, the AP will become confused and not change its heading to be anything but the next thing it sees in the flight plan. My AP got stuck at 91 degrees which was the heading to my first waypoint. I started the timer on the runway and it messed up my whole AP session. I don’t know if the AP is supposed to do that. Seeing that is kind of a VFR tool I could understand it may mess with IFR. I have never even seen a TBM in real life so what do I know! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Will do so now suggests.

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pls all think that this isn’t fully users problem, they have big bugs inside Garmin, today I’ve discovered what is going on. They lost focuses and don’t have correct update of ‘variables’. Simply you can be lucky at one flight but not on another. Check my discoverings inside Official Patch Topic. I recomemnd for first check inside Garmin display (FPL) if all waypoints are there what you’ve filled in World map. Why? Import is broken again and is very possible that sim add non sense waypoints also, therefore your aircarft can maybe drift out of your expected FPL! Check for that for sure, today I had this bug what is from release day :slight_smile: and is still present.

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The tip in the first answer did not help. The plane deviates from the course from time to time during the flight. Want to make a sharp turn to the left. I will check the tips in the second post.

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So radio ATC and ask for the vector to the next waypoint (If you have to ask for airport directions you kind of have to guess on which way to turn). Then just make the correction to the AP heading selector. Your deviation could be being caused by winds aloft, and you have to compensate. Maybe its a bug I dont know, but thats the way I play it made it from Cleveland, Ohio to Miami Florida today and had to compensate a few times to get back on the proper course.

Are you sure you have fms selected?

FMS is activated. None of the tips I have received here have solved the problem. Even if the plane in some cases followed the flightplan up to cruising altitude, it releases its cource and closes sharply to right and left. In addition, the altitude and speedometer stop for the most part the descent.