TBM 930 free in-plane charts

I was wondering if there is a service or mod that gives for free direct into the gamin 3000 TBM 930, in-plane access to having nav charts option available.

Nope. It’s Navigraph or nothing.


Is there a way to use the charts to view Knee-board [personal] files instead?
Isn’t Chartfox free although it may not integrate with the g3000 chart window?

Paid add-on sky4simpad can open pdf’s in a ipad-like window in the sim. Even works in VR I hear. You’d just need to download the charts from skyvector or chartfox etc ahead of time.

The only solution that integrates with the G3000 is Navigraph. There’s no avenue to make it work with anything else.

Thanks all! It’s too bad the charts screen in the g3000 can’t be used for personal files or anything else for that matter except a paid subscription.

I’ve yet to see a report of anyone regretting their Navigraph subscription. IMHO, it’s almost essential to be able to fly IFR in any meaningful way.

Navigraph doesn’t only give you charts, but also updates your entire nav database with a much higher quality, more complete and more accurate dataset. You can find real world charts to use with MSFS, but often you’ll find the sim doesn’t match real world data, or is lacking a lot of the data. With Navigraph, you get charts that match the actual data in the sim, which in turn matches real world data.

And as a bonus, you get to use the charts feature in the G3000, CJ4, and GTN750. That’s a win to me.

There’s been talk in the Q&As since launch about including Navblue charts into the sim, but that’s a topic that hasn’t been brought up in some time. So I don’t know when / if that will ever happen.

TBM is still kinda broken, sadly

Are you using Mugz mod? TBM is one of my favorite planes to fly, especially in VR. Don’t really know how it’s broken.

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If you fly IFR, Navigraph is the best way to go.

I fly the TBM regularly. What’s broken?

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What is broken? I love the TBM930 the world’s fastest single engine turbo prop . This discussion is about charts.

I canceled my Navigraph sub a while ago for a few reasons:

  1. MSFS AIRAC gets updated pretty frequently. Things don’t change quickly enough that Navigraph’s AIRAC updates really matter. After canceling I haven’t come across a single approach or enroute waypoint that was invalid in the game to the point I couldn’t fly it. Whenever Simbrief gets too out of date I can pay for a month of Navigraph data to update it, then cancel for another 6 months or a year. But I also like manual flight planning, and rarely fly airliners, so I use Simbrief infrequently.

  2. I don’t fly enough outside of the USA that I have trouble finding free charts on Skyvector or Chartfox. I also don’t love the Jeppesen chart format.

  3. Having an extra moving map that tracks my position takes me out of the immersion of tracking my position using only aircraft instruments. Or, it’s redundant because a GPS has a moving map. Depends on the aircraft - but I want to fly with the limitations of whatever aircraft I’m in. I also thought the Charts app was a bit clunky.

Anyway, obviously those that fly airliners on Vatsim all the time all over the world find a ton of utility with Navigraph. But for me, I fly mostly GA, mostly in the US. I tried it, found I didn’t really need it, and canceled.

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This is where I’m at with Navigraph, too. If they had a charts-only subscription, I might be tempted, but MSFS is close enough to current that I can’t justify the navdata subscription. Maybe if I flew VATSIM, but I don’t.

If they had charts only sub, the data in the Navigraph charts wouldn’t match the nav data in the sim. The stock nav data is rather poor in quality compared to the real world Jeppesen data used by Navigraph.

I like to spend whatever it takes on my hobbies. $110 a year or near abouts, well worth it. Navigraph is not a option for me in this sim.btw I love the TBM. You can use free stuff and whatnot ,not as good However Sim Brief and Navigraph Charts is a requirement if you are halfway serious about the sim.

Same here cancelled

It’s just my opinion but I don’t think it’s right that msfs 2020 incorporated an exclusive fee based system to further complete this sim. I understand it’s available in the real world but they should have allowed at the very least as an alternative to those who don’t want to spend the money, an integrated charts function allowing user files such as jpg, pdf etc. to be loaded in.

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Navigraph is a third-party that supplies the updated AIRAC and charts for flight simmers, regardless of which sim. Working Title is a third-party that modded MSFS2020 and implemented the ability to use the Navigraph charts in-game.

… and you’re mad at MS for letting that happen. The flight sim “community” never disappoints.


They did no such things. These add-ons are brought by 3rd party modders. It has nothing to do with Microsoft.

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