TBM 930 "INERT SEP ON" meaning

Anyone know what this INERT SEP ON warning means?

Inertial separator is a foreign object damage protector for the turbine inlet mouth underneath the prop. This is true at both high cold altitudes (icing) as well as low altitudes (bird strike) and taxi (unfinished runway, rocks, pebbles).

just leave it on period, set and forget just like pitot heat. No performance penalties in the sim anyway.

Switch is right most but hidden behind pilot yoke.


Just leave it on while climbing and descending which is the normal procedure.

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thanks I read in the meantime what it was but could not find the switch, thanks again guys

the switch is just left of the flight yoke INERT SEP. It takes about 10 seconds to disengage and about 30 seconds to engage

I just flew the TBM for the 1st time yesterday and loved it. I kept getting a “fuel balance” warning. What does that mean?

Fuel supply is set to Manual on the overhead panel. You would need to switch tanks manually on the power pedestal (under the throttle and flaps). Set it to Auto on the overhead.

I saw that on the pedastal and switched it from R to L but still got the warning. I didn’t look up though and will be sure to do that next time. Thanks.

I believe the warning would remain until tanks balanced again.

Hello friend I hope you are well. I leave a screenshot where I show the location of the switch to choose. Greetings and blessings

Hello friend I hope you are well. Here is a screenshot where I show the location of the switch to choose. Greetings and blessings

Maybe they changed it in a patch but there is definitely a performance penalty for activating the inertial separator. I saw something like 25 percentage points lost of TRQ % after turning it on.


Try using Mugz TBM Performance Mod on Flightsim.to. Cures the stock TBM of most undesirable characteristics. Yes, there will be a penalty but I don’t recall losing that much with the Mod.

~20% performance loss is (surprisingly) correct, and it has been that way since a long time, if not since day 1.

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Thats not how the inertial separator is supposed to be operated, and as already stated there is a performance penalty associated with the inertial separator, at least in the real world.

In the beginning, there was little to no performance hit on the Launch version (my post was made Oct '20). As expected, things will change for purposes of realism or improvement.

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As stated by others, it creates a bypass for incoming air that prevents foreign objects from being sucked in and damaging the engine. It also provides protection under heavy rain and icing conditions.

The normal procedures are:

  • Turn on for taxiing and takeoff.
  • Turn off on climb-out unless under heavy rain or icing conditions - you’ll also gain power .
  • Turn it back on when on Final Approach so that it is operating at touchdown.

(Icing protection via the Inert Separator is not properly modeled in FS2020, so I would turn it off after take-off, period, gaining power and reducing heat).

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