Tbm 930 loss oil pressure

In full flight YPDN-YBAS, near Monic, 5000 feet, I loss oil pressure and I only had to do an emergency landing. The Fuel Selector was on Auto and the fuel quantity was near 50 and equilibrated Left and Right.

There is only one possibility in my opinion. You set engine failures on.
I don’t think that there is another way for that kind of failure.

I suggest checking that the oil filters aren’t blocked.

Check that you’ve not got mixture control mapped for the TBM. If you have the mixture control mapped, any movement in that control on the tbm will cut the engine and show a oil pressure loss

I see that all engine failures for TBM are desactivate.

And where you check that the oil filters aren´t blocked

Was it an engine failure causing the low oil pressure alert or vice versa? An engine doesn’t quit immediately upon low oil pressure…

I only have see this. I send photo.

It was a low oil pressure causing the engine failure.

OK, my Spanish isn’t great, but I think eje de la mezcla is Mixture Axis (google translate says “mix shaft”)? In which case you don’t need this control in the TBM and it will cause the engine to cut out. See this thread. Try unbinding this control and see if it still happens.

See this thread for more detail

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Throttle back. If you have an engine gauge indication in the red, you need to throttle back within a couple of minutes or you will get an engine failure with the oil pressure indication.

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