TBM 930: Movement animation of elevator trim rudders wrong

…up/down direction must simply be inverted. :wink:
In this trim position in the pic the trim rudders must show upwards.

This picture looks correct to me… Nose down trim, so the elevator trim goes down.

They’re called trim tabs and look correct for nose down trim.

Nope. The OP is correct, the animation is wrong. Google Flettner trim tab (assuming the TBM is meant to have those) they move opposite to the elevator. In the pic the trim tabs push the elevator up, which would lead to a nose up trim.

The old gliders and many GA planes still have those and it confused the hell out of me when I was a student pilot back in the day and had to perform the ground check (walk around).


The trim tab should always go in the opposite direction of the direction that the elevator is supposed to go. So, if you want to go nose down, the elevator needs to go down. In order for the elevator to go down with nose down trim, the trim tab to should go up, so it exerts a downforce on the elevator.

Imagine the rear edge of the elevator being the tail of a plane and the trim tab being its elevator. What do you do when you want to bring the tail down? You bring the elevator up. So in order to bring the tail of the elevator down, you need to bring the trim tab up.

So yeah, the screenshot seems to indicate a wrong trim tab position.


Here is a good video explaining and visualizing it:


I haven’t taken the time to look at all the planes in the game, but all the ones I’ve looked at that have trim tabs they go in the wrong direction.

Here is a picture from book I have that’s older than me that explains how trim and trim tabs work.


Ohh, I thought OP was pointing out the whole elevator. I thought the arrow was pointing at the elevator itself. I didn’t know that little flappy thing is called a Trim tab which is a separate thing from the elevator itself.

Man… GA aircraft is much more complicated for me compared to Airbus airliners…

Well….ok….you’re right…….I had an Airbus trim in mind, where the whole elevator moves.

Still wrong! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: And there have been several updates in the meantime! @Asobo: Please correct it! That can’t be too much effort to reverse the direction…