TBM 930 PFD white

Just installed the working title TBM enhancement from the content manager, and the PFDs are blank. Is there a way to turn them on? And where is the community folder.

If you’re starting from cold/dark, they should initialize as soon as you move the power source lever to “batt” (or GPU if you’re hooked up to one) on the overhead panel. They’ll be a startup sequence and then instructions on the MFD to press a softkey.
If you’re starting at the runway, they should automatically be on.

The location of the community folder depends on whether you’re on MS/store version or steam version. A quick search of the forum will give you several threads identifying where it is. (e.g. my pc/store version is immediately under the folder where I install MSFS, so it would be at c:/msfs2020 for me).

Locate the UserCfg.opt file and open it using any text editor. The last line points to where your Packages file is. Go there and you will see two folders - one says Official and the other is your Community folder.

I got it working. I had to restert the sim after installing the TBM 930 enhancement mod. I found the community folder.

Thanks for the help.

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