TBM 930 Throttle External Control Broken AGAIN

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Not needed – it does not move in the Virtual cockpit but the sim vars (A:Var) are moving and thus the plane will operate just like before… you just don’t see it move.

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Send throttle commands via simconnect into the sim … Look the throttle lever no longer moves but the engine does …

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Any USB throttle controller or Simconnect connected software / controller…

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

This is all about these B-Events and with every release the controls are being updated to only visual follow with B:Var / B:Events … The actual Simulation Engine (A:Vars and K:events) do function and the plane works like it does before these changes however you don’t have any visual confirmation of the switches and levers…

Please stop removing simconnect functionality if you are not going to give access to the B:Var / B:Event via SDK External Access …