TBM 930 very different behaviour after update

Hi, I haven’t seen no comments about the big differences in how tbm 930 flies after the update. I have noticed at least throttle, flaps, nav points not labeled in navigator and so on. Is general or only happens to me?

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Prior to today, I flew the stock TBM and tried the Mugz mod a few times. Then yesterdays update came with, among other issues, overheating ITT on takeoff, power loss, etc. Today I donated to the Mugz TBM mod. It does everything well and as expected plus has the eye candy opening doors :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Get it. Donate. Between the stock TBM and Mugz TBM mod as of this writing, Mugz’s is the only working aircraft.


Itt overheat on take off:
( it always would, if your separator is off for t/o and you pin the throttle to the firewall and leave it there)

If you look, you also notice your torque is over 100%. It’s a high performance turbo prop and spools up quickly.

You can do three things:

-Turn the Inertial Seperator “on” and full throttle:
Off after your in stable climb, gear and flaps tucked away. Back off the throttle as required.

-Seperator “off”. Set your throttle to max 90/95% trq for a shorter strip and your heavy.
60 to 80 % wgt/length dependent. There is no reason to take off wide open in normal use.

-Seperator “off” but pinned:
Back off on your throttle before it goes past 100%, but not recommended as you’ll be busy with everything else at this time. Very heavy with a very short runway would really only be the time to use this method…


Noticed some quirkiness after the update…My favorite aircraft to fly.

Yeah and I have noticed a few other things now, not sure if intended:

Constant warning beep when turning on battery from oil pressure and parking brake. Quite annoying.

Plane while taxing always wants to pull to the left now (I use mouse and keyboard) Infact all planes seem to do this.

The reverse thrust mode is waaay slower now and hardly works.

The whole plane just feels weird and over sensitive now.

I’ve noticed no difference between taxi lights and landing lights

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The warning beep is a new bug, hoping they fix it quickly.
It’s normal to veer left for most prop ac. There are a few, not in default msfs, that spin the prop in the other direction, and they would pull to the right. Turn on the rudder assist if your using a mouse, it’ll help.
Haven’t noticed reverse thrust, but it should not be too quick, seems pretty accurate to me.
Tweek your settings, they did adjust some flight characteristics.(for most ac)

Or you could get and donate the Mugz mod where none of this is an issue :+1:

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@ImpulseCello286 Is this a good mod? I flew the TBM a LOT in the past, but the mod I used looks to be abandoned. So I moved on to the FBW A320. I feel like the stock one always seems to need work. Is it donationware?

I don’t do mods generally. Having said that, I do use two that I find indispensable. First is the Bijan tree mod. So much better than stock and no performance hit.

Second is the Mugz TBM mod. Now that MS has “fixed” the ITT by breaking it, it’ll take them another year to undo that. The Mugz mod flies and behaves like it’s supposed to. Plus the cool opening/closing doors.

There’s no downside to either mod that I’ve seen or heard about

I don’t run many myself either… Thanks, I’ll check it out. BTW Bijan tree mod is awesome.

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p-factor (steering to left) is still to small. With rudder trim at takeoff setting, it should roll straight on runway, at no croswind, but instead aircraft, steer way to much to right.

I to hope that annoying warning bug, will be fixed asap…

Is it only me or the pitch indicator on the mfd does not work? Neither does the Flightdirector nor the TO/GA button.

toga button is inoperable since the release, if I’m not mistaken. Pitch indicator and flight director at me is working ok. Checked yesterday…

Can’t confirm.
The TOGA mode does work on the default TBM, but the TOGA mode and indication is only partially correct in all MSFS aircraft.
In case of the TBM only the vertical guidance is correct, but the lateral guidance is wrong and there are no TOGA indications on the FMA at all.

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Another malfuction find with taxi,landing and ice lights. They don’t work properly. Have you noticed the same?

for me its working perfect
Using mugz improvement and workingtitle g3000 mod

yes, ice light doesn’t work!!!

I’ve noticed the pulse lights don’t work, although the switch does do something; it turns the taxi lights off :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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"It’s normal to veer left for most prop ac. "

Yeah, but not while taxiing. You’re simply not generating enough torque, P-factor, gyroscopic precession, or slipstream to push the nose left.

No p-factor with a tricycle gear equipped aircraft on ground. Neither at idle nor at max power.