Tbm 930 vnav

I set altitudes in the flight plan and engaged vnav but never saw a tod nor did it start down. Is this feature inop?


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No ToC or ToD at present, apparently.

The designers of the game have never flown an aircraft I suspect.


Well I guess it didn’t matter. Tried to go direct to a waypoint in the flight plan for the ils approach and … ctd. So frustrating. But it’s beautiful.

Known issue, posted here

  • VNAV is partially implemented on airliners, and not on general aviation aircraft

Isn’t an issue something which isn’t working properly, rather than something which was totally ignored or not even realised as a requirement in the design phase?

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You’ve answered your own passive aggressive question. It’s not working properly, and therefore is an issue - which has been reported many times I presume.


It is a puzzle as to how something like that could be missing from all the GA aircraft.

Loving the TBM and scenery/clouds but I’ve had two CTDs tonight trying to do an ILS into LAX (which I know must be very demanding on pc resources). Might try again tomorrow with lower settings… Good to learn from this thread that VNAV isn’t yet implemented, - I can focus on vertical speed (had a plane crash earlier tonight trying to use VNAV out of Santa Paula).

Couldn’t be more wrong on that one

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Why would they bother putting in VNAV features in the TBM if they just dont work.
Why even release it like this?

As for the airliners. Partially implemented?
Ummm more like none at all. I cannot get vnav to follow a decent profile at all.
At the point the aircraft should be automatically descending. It just keep flying level,

Microsoft please get VNAV working!