TBM 950 altitude vs can only be increased not decreased, anyone else got that?

So I can only increase vs altitude unable to decrease, has anyone experienced this?


Hi just did a test, it’s working for me, be sure you decrease the ALT setting first to the desired altitude, then select VS and decrease the vertical speed.

Using the US System.

Aha, thanks for the tip, I changed to metric system, maybe that is what is causing the issue…will check

yup u mean when u.want to climb to a FL but ur 4 example ur VS is 2000 and u want to decrease it to 1500 but u can’t right bcuz this is happening to me

Do you use metric system?

I’m new 2 this game, x what is metric system?

In the game, with the latest update, you can change from kg to pounds etc, I changed to metric system, you could not do that before…

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let me check

Related, does anybody know if the Working Title G3000 Mod was broken by the update. I don’t see a update on their site

OK, confirmed and able to reproduce on my machine. If I select metric system the vs only goes up, you cant decrease it.

Changing to US system and it works directly, no restart or the like.

Hybrid system works.

Do not use metric system is my conclusion

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Works fine for me so far, used it on the TBM and CJ4 flights

Thanks, was just going to do first TMB flight since update.

yup metric system

Change to hybrid or US system then it works …its a bug obviously

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thxx 4 helping :blush:

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