TBM AP Bug VS selection bug (sticky key behavior on mouse select)

New bug in patch #5, happened twice now in the TBM.

When I mouse click the VS dial up or down, the game does into a sticky key type select/key press loop resulting in the VS scrolling as if I’m still holding mouse click over the dial, it goes all the way to -4000 in no time, this results in overspeed before I’m able to correct.

I had a similar experience in the TBM on first flight after patch 5 when setting the ALT, but on that occasion it eventually stopped after a few seconds and I was able to correct.

Anyone else experiencing this?

This also happens in the CJ4.

Only way to mitigate is to quickly press the VS button, disabling it then click the dial in the direction it was spinning, then moving the dial in the opposite direction and guessing how far it moved before it was disabled. Reenable and adjust as needed.

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Started from Ilulissat one and half hour ago heading to Canada and did a few changes to VS during my Climb to FL310. No problems for the moment. Hopefully there are not coming during my descent.

Yup; problem in the TBM. It started after Patch 5. In most cases, the problem starts after an hour of flight.

Good to know. Still 3 hours to go until TOD. Will see what happens then. :nauseated_face:

Same. On a flight atm but still 1hr+ to go. We shall see what happens later:)

for me TBM and caravan VS and ALT HOLD bug
first fly, i can hold altitude after good management of the VS
but second and third fly, VS is bug and i cannot use alt hold functon,
to make a fly at FL160, need to play between VS+0 vs+100 vs-100 to keep approximatly FL160
when i click on ALT HOLD, avionic give me another attitude bug set

same probleme when using this function with HOTAS, with simconnect (spadnext) or with mouse on the cockpit

Same problem since the update to yesterday :frowning:

Guys try to change to “mix” feet/kg on options. It works for me

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By mix do you mean ‘Hybrid’ option??

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Same with the G1000 knob.

I have the heading bug assigned to my flight stick as well as the Plus and Minus functionality. That doesn’t have the issue. However you can’t assign the G1000 knob to anything else which results in a lot of spinning.

Workaround for that, use the scroll wheel while paused. ICAO codes can only be entered in active pause so don’t forget to turn off AP first. (If not paused you end up zooming the screen when the plane moves around)

Exactly same problem with VS every time I fly in TBM930 whatever time in flight. Try to change Alt using VS increase or decrease and it just keeps spinning and reaches over 9000 FPM! and cannot bring it back it just gets stuck. By the time you try and reselect ALT and back to VS to try and fix it you get crash screen due to over stressing the plane! So the TBM 930 the best aircraft in the sim for me is now unflyable. Please can this be hot fixed? ASAP. Thanks.

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in my case after patch 5 the G1000 and G3000 VS only jumps upwards at 328fpm :joy:

The change to the metric system was the culprit

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I’m having the same sticky buttons as everyone else. Mine started as soon as the flight did. Set the altitude on the ground and it went to 50k before its stopped. Zoom Range does the same. The plane currently is unflyable. How can one patch break it so much?


I startet my descent earlier than expected, because 145kn wind on my nose is not funny for my fuel calculation.
No problem at all with the VS. Set to -1000ft/min and no runaway.
Strange thing…

Ok. Got it. I saw the VS runaway. I did stop it with switching the AP to LVL Mode, than back to actual ALT und clicked once or two on the wheel and it stops. After that i used it the normal way again.

Later on it shown up at one of the Garmin knob as well. Something to fix I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another thing i have noticed is that whey you engage or disengage VS, there is now a violent jerk as it noses up or down.


Yes. Having the same.

I’ve create a Bug report via Zendesk and referenced back to this post for further details.

did you include the violent pitching when you use VS?