TBM AP Bug VS selection bug (sticky key behavior on mouse select)

i seen someone reporting the same issue. just use the mouse wheel until it’s solved.

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Having same problem with VS, Alt, Map Range. All move to end limits with just one click.

any news on when this will be fixed or looked at by Asobo?

Cant fly the CJ4, VS goes nuts and crashes the plane…

Sort it out!

I’m now using LCTRL + Home and LCTRL + End (the default keyboard mappings) for adjusting the vertical speed. I don’t see how having a workaround makes it “unflyable”.

I suffer this as well. How could such a bug slips past testings baffles me, but well…

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It’s just not good after such a long time now and for the cost. Also with so many keyboard bindings they couldn’t even get it right so that it recognises the combined key action as one. I.e. if you have something for alt-p and p, pressing alt-p will trigger mapping for just the p key as well

That’s as maybe, but for this specific problem I’ve been using the keyboard with no issues.

I experienced two severe yaw flukes yesterday & day before. Disengaged the AP, fix attitude then reengage the AP with a continued yaw issue. Today, not a problem, so far.

AP Yaw

AP Yaw Hard left

You assume they did any.


If you need to use workarounds to make something function properly, I think it is fair to say it is unflyable as intended. Some of use use flight equipment and don’t have easy access to a keyboard to add additional key commands while flying.

edit: Just flown today (first time since the update on the 25th) and the original bug sticky key bug I was having seems to have gone. I didn’t try the VS slider though, I stuck with the FLC button. Seemed safer.

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The bug is still there, and since the patch I also find it sometimes missing input. Very annoying when you think you turned off AP and it’s still on, working against you throwing the trim to 100% up. Always double check.

Sticky bug is still here. For me it happens on all of the planes and has been happening since the patch in Oct…

Same here. Started MSFS for the first time since a month hoping the bug would be fixed by now. Nope…

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This bug has been here since the first update. The longest surviving bug, and the most troublesome. It makes the game largely unplayable. It COULD be a great game. :frowning:

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I also get that issue daily. More and more often I’m reverting back to my old simulator. :frowning:

if you have this issue too, one workarounf would be to use a physical button to tweak those.
Unfortunately they are not bindable yet.
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this is ridiculous, just checked the status on the bug report I filed when I created this post and it was marked as resolved with no explanation. Still happening on :rage: