TBM call sign ASXGXA

Even I set my customized call sign and the aircraft shows that on the dash and the tail, ATC still calls ASXGXA, quite annoying… Any fix? Thanks

The call sign is different than tail number. Are you changing the tail number?

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u can edit the aircraft.cfg to permanently change your ATC ID.

this, although the cfg can get overwritten in updates…

I wound up creating duplicate aircraft entries that point to the default, but have r/w tail numbers or ATC callsigns… Don’t have to re-edit the cfgs, but still get any updates for the plane.

They really did come up with the most annoying default T/N :stuck_out_tongue:

If the N123AB number is a tail number, yes I mean tail number. But the ATC ignores what’s on the tail and identifies my ac as ASXGXA

I didn’t find the default ASXGXA tail number in aircraft.cfg file so can’t possibily change it

I got it, it’s atc_id line in the aircraft.cfg file, it works prefect now. Thanks folks

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