TBM - consistent CTD's upon selecting approach

More than 150 hrs. in the TBM, just sharing a very frequent crash (screen
freeze) exactly upon selecting an approach when within 35-50 miles of destination. As soon, and immediately upon review of IAF / options (procedures) in the MFD, system freezes.

Speculating I’m overwhelming the system via MFD selections ?

If I select an approach while mid-flight, MFD accepts OK.

This is a specific, repetitive crash.

(AI off, cache cleared, settings moderate except for clouds -
able to hold mid-30’s with clouds on ultra). 99% flights in the TBM.

Are you using the G3000 mod?

Guess I am 'way behind…

Have been reviewing MS-Flt Sim Forum posts daily - thought current consensus was don’t add
/ avoid mods or 3rd party adds - as they were suspect in causing more issues.

My setup is clean install with only (1) add - the KEYW airport scenery, purchased thru Marketplace.

Following your suggestion / question / direction - I see there are a bunch of posts related - I’ll review and try to catch up. Is the G3000 mod install suggested ?

Appreciate the heads up … sorry for my uninformed question…

Thank you !

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This happens with the G1000 working title mod as well. I got it in the C208

This was happening to me every time. I took everything out of my community folder and then reinstalled again. It’s been ok since.

Another 10 hrs. in the TBM. All working well -

No 'mods" added or used - here is what I found using base program re: / TBM / FMS / MFD / Approach “freezing” issue…

Ensure you preplan the arrival / approach on ground before, or soon after departure while in very early stage of flight. I’ve entered my preferred arrival & approach using SkyVector weather (wind barbs), and fly my planned route “anticipating” (hopefully) destination tower will grant same arrival / R/W approach. Last several flights, (long) this has worked for me.

Issue remains - if I try to fly to a destination without a pre-planned approach in the MFD - and near my destination ---- upon entering the MFD to selet an approach per tower directives - - my system freezes - usually within 35 - 75 miles of destination.

No such issues if I “pre-predict” my arrival approach and have it pre-loaded - not activated of course. And, – if – 'live weather" agrees with my R/W - Approach selection, all goes well. Not realistic (wind & weather change) - but it works for me. No freezes or CTD’s - happy camper here, elementary as this may sound…

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