TBM Flight

The new TBM? What happened?

do you have a custom livery? I got this with one of my old liveries

Folks, come on!

We have already a handful of topics here about this issue and there are workarounds too.

Please use the search funktion before wasting this forum with double and tripple topics.

Thank you!


I think I do have a folder but I never used it. I’ve always used the stock version as far as I know.

I’ll ck the community folder and remove it if I still have it.


Disable the TBM Improvement mod


This. Noticed this last night, am fairly certain it’s the cause.

Now that mod I know I have installed. In fact, I wonder if the improvement mod is what’s causing the throttle to constantly jump from idle to low idle.

Thanks. I’ll test these ideas out tomorrow.

Hello , I have the same problem with the original aircraft TBM 930, how to fix it?
Thank you for your reply.

Bonjour , j’ai le même problème avec l’avion d’origine TBM 930, comment y remédier?
Merci pour votre réponse.

The issue is compatibility of the TBM Improvement mod. SU8 broke it.

Until Mugz updates it for SU8 compatibility, it’s best to remove the mod altogether.

Looks like it was updated yesterday. Have not had time to test it.

There is also a fix here that worked for me and others:


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