TBM G3000 Activate Leg

If I have a flight plan that includes an approach that, for example, has 5 fixes, A , B, C, D and E, and I want to skip A and go straight to B and continue the approach from there, can that be done with the G3000. I can’t highlight any of the fixes in the approach sequence, and I can only find an Activate Leg button when dealing with the start and end points in the MFD.


Try the G3000 mod. It enables a lot of basic features of the real G3000 that are sorely lacking in the stock model

I should have mentioned that I have the latest workingtitle mod for the G3000.

Then it should work. I’m in a flight right now and literally just did exactly what you asked.

When you get a chance could you explain how you did that. When you have a free moment.

Thanks for the chat, and the info.

I selected the next point in the list in my approach. The Side menu slid out, and I selected Activate Leg To Waypoint.

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Will try it right now>

Thanks again

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Remember that “Activate Leg to Waypoint” will not get you directly to that waypoint but make you join the track between the two.

Depending on your position and complecity of the approach you might need to fly in HDG mode approaching the track and then re-engage NAV mode, same as you would intercept a localizer for ILS approach with a 30° angle.


I was thinking that it should work like in Xplane, but this is not Xplane, and is not the G1000.

Thanks a ton.

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